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The meetings of the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York are open to the public, and the Board welcomes the interest of those who attend. The public has ample opportunity to communicate with the board. Public hearings on the Board’s policy calendar are scheduled one week prior to the Board’s regular meetings and members of the public who wish to communicate with the Board are invited to express their views at such public hearings.

Furthermore, the Board holds additional public hearings each year in all of the five boroughs at which members of the public may also speak. In addition, written communications to the Board are distributed to all Trustees.

The Board must carry out the functions assigned to it by law and therefore will not tolerate conduct by members of the public that disrupts its meetings. In the event of disruptions, including noise, which interferes with Board discussion, after appropriate warning, security staff will be asked to remove persons engaging in disruptive conduct.

The University may seek disciplinary and/or criminal sanctions against persons who engage in conduct that violates the university’s rules or state laws which prohibit interference with the work of public bodies.