Do you want to learn more about managing money and personal finances? Do you have questions about student loans and mounting debt? If you are a college student or recent graduate then your answer should be “Yes!” Like a lot of people, you’re probably getting a little nervous about the state of your finances these days. So how smart are you when it comes to money matters?

This page of questions and answers provide brief answers to common questions about subjects like budget preparation, student loans, loan repayment, loan default, and loan consolidation. In addition, the FAQs provide links to more detailed information available elsewhere on this Web site.

1. What is financial literacy and why is it important ?

Financial literacy is the ability of individuals to make appropriate decisions in managing personal finances.

CUNY encourages and supports the financial literacy of its students, faculty and staff.  The University  and its individual colleges offer  an assortment of enrichment opportunities  to build the financial skills of CUNY’s students.

2. What resources are available to CUNY students to gain financial literacy ?

There are many financial literacy workshops available to CUNY students on each campus.  Students can also view the additional resources section of the University’s financial literacy webpage  for other sources of information on financial literacy.

3. How can I find financial literacy information and programs on my campus ?

You can use this website to search for CUNY programs on your campus.  Choose ‘Programs’ on the left and then use the ‘View Programs By College’ and ‘View Programs By Category ‘ drop down menus to select location and category of program(s) of your choice.

4. Is there a fee to participate in financial literacy workshops and use financial services on my campus?  

All workshops and information on financial services on your CUNY campus are offered at no charge to CUNY students.

5. As a CUNY student can I attend a financial literacy workshop at any CUNY campus ?

Many workshops are available to all CUNY students and some are only available to students from the campus on which they are held. Please consult the events calendar or a specific campus to know whether an event is open to all CUNY students.

6. What type of financial literacy workshops are available at my campus ?

CUNY provides numerous college skills and success workshops each semester. Workshop topics include: Budget Your College Dollars; Secure Your Credit; Smooth Transition to a Four-Year College; and Career and Scholarship Quest. Please consult the events calendar for current workshop offerings.