Environmental Harms of Alcohol in our Communities

In 2014, Healthy CUNY was funded through a Community Transformation Grant (CTG) received by NYC DOHMH from CDC. As a Neighborhood Contractor, Healthy CUNY worked with The Partnership for a Healthier New York City and community organizations in East Harlem and the South Bronx to create a visual report on Alcohol Harms in these two communities. Through this work we have gained a better understanding of the presence and influence of alcohol in neighboring communities where many of our students live and work. Final presentations were created to support these communities in advocating for social change and healthier public policies.

Healthy CUNY reports on the Environmental Effects of Alcohol in East Harlem and in the Bronx, Fall 2014:

Alcohol in the College Environment

In 2012-13 Healthy CUNY was awarded a total of $45,000 to conduct 4 studies on the use, perceptions and environmental influence of alcohol among CUNY undergraduates. Projects included counter advertising campaigns and environmental assessments of alcohol advertising as well as a survey of alcohol policies among New York City colleges and universities. Findings will help inform policies and programs for the prevention of excessive alcohol use among young people.

Alcohol’s Hidden Harms

One in ten of all hospitalizations in New York City are alcohol-related.Problems may include injuries, accidents, high blood pressure, and liver disease.