I am pleased to share the new Master Plan for The City University of New York. The new plan for 2016-2020 describes where CUNY has come since submitting its last plan, in 2012, and looks ahead to our priorities and the initiatives for the future, a period of renewal, growth and transformation. A four year Master Plan is required by state education law and will be submitted following Board of Trustees’ review in September. As with the earlier draft master plan, which was made widely available and posted here in June, we invite comments which can be posted on this site.

The Master Plan, prepared through a consultative process, describes the context in which we are planning for CUNY’s future—changing demographics of the city and the country, rapidly developing technology, the forces of globalization and urbanization, the growing economic value of a college degree, and more. It includes chapters on how we plan to expand significantly access to a high quality college education, strengthen support for academic success to dramatically increase retention and degree completion rates, improve academic excellence and CUNY’s value to the city and state, and ways to support our priorities in a challenging fiscal environment.

At the same time we have been working on the Master Plan, we have been developing the first CUNY-wide draft strategic plan, which we will be sharing with the community soon. The CUNY Strategic Framework will be a much shorter outline of goals and strategies for the next few years, with specific measurements of success. We hope to use this framework document widely to inform college planning and for communication with policymakers and other stakeholders.


James B. Milliken