Secondary School Completion

If you have completed secondary school in Mexico or in the U.S., you can apply for admission to an undergraduate program at CUNY. If you never completed secondary school, you may earn your New York State General Education Development diploma (GED) by passing the GED exam. This is an examination in five subject areas: writing skills, interpreting literature and arts, mathematics, science and social studies. The test contains multiple choice questions and a writing section, and can be taken in English or Spanish. Students who pass the examination receive the GED diploma that can be used to apply to college. A number of programs are available at CUNY to help you prepare for the GED examination (See for further information).

Continuing Education

CUNY Continuing Education programs offer more courses and opportunities than any other leading institution in New York City. We offer accessible, affordable ways to succeed and enrich your life. You may view course offerings including ESL, computer training, certificate programs and professional and career development, from the various CUNY colleges, by visiting the CUNY Continuing Education website.