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Dr. Ekaterina Sukhanova

University Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Mr. Kenneth Norz

Senior University Director of Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies
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Ms. Angela Vallecillo

College Assistant
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This section is for CUNY faculty and staff involved in the development and modification of academic programs. Its purpose is to provide easy access to the most updated version of guidelines and forms required in the process. We welcome all suggestions for improving this site as well as for additional materials you would like to see included.

Faculty Handbook for the Preparation of New Academic Programs

The 2016 Faculty Handbook for Program Preparations provides a description of the procedures to be followed in program preparation. It also includes downloadable versions of the forms commonly required for proposal preparation.

Faculty Handbook for the Development and Modification of Teacher Education Programs

A special Supplement to the Handbook addresses specific requirements for the development and modification for Teacher Education Programs.

Guide to the Academic Reports

This page will assist you with format and language choices when presenting information in the University’s Academic Reports.

Forms (also included in the Handbook)

Step by Step Flow Charts

The Flowcharts present information on program preparation and modifications in a summarized form, and may be used as a quick reference or a training tool.

Review Process on Certificates

All certificates need to receive proper approval on campus and be submitted via the Chancellor’s University Report.  Corresponding application forms and detailed information.


The Office of Program Review, Articulation and Transfer is also responsible for overseeing the application and waiver of various bylaws to academic appointments, faculty degree equivalencies and compensation. Click the header for this section to be redirected to a page containing a memo regarding the bylaw application and waivers and the forms associated with those actions as well as a form for a request for a Salary Above Base (SAB).


The Office of Program Review, Articulation and Transfer is also responsible for coordinating the central administration’s vetting of individuals to whom any CUNY college or school wishes to award an honorary degree prior to those requests being voted on by CAPPR and the full Board of Trustees. Click the head for this section to be redirected to a page containing a guide to submissions, the necessary form and the CAPPR deadline schedule. The deadline schedule is also available in the column to the right.

Deadline Calendar 2018

The calendar serves as a reminder of the deadlines by which a proposal must be fully approved and completed in order to be considered for a presentation at the Committee on Academic Program, Policy, and Research (CAPPR) of the CUNY Board of Trustees. The University Office of Academic Affairs is committed to facilitating this process and helping the colleges prepare a proposal that is carefully focused and well-defined in terms of the College’s and the University’s goals. Colleges are encouraged to consult with the Director of Program Review as early as possible in order to work out a tentative timetable.


Proposals for new degree programs must be circulated to all CUNY institutions by the central Office of Academic Affairs via the Chief Academic Officers’ Listserve.   Colleges and Schools will have 21 days once the proposal is circulated to review the document and comment to the central office if there is a concern.

CAOs interested in proposing new programs should fill out the form linked below and e-mail it to Dr. Ekaterina Sukhanova at as soon as possible.

Submission template for all newly proposed programs