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Dr. Ekaterina Sukhanova

University Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Mr. Kenneth Norz

University Director of Academic Affairs
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Ms. Angela Vallecillo

College Assistant
Tel: 646-664-8054

When reporting substantive academic program changes (as defined below) in the Chancellor’s University Report (CUR), in addition to the CUR entry, you are required to fill out the NYS SED “Change or Adapt an Existing Registered Program” form. If you are unsure if your change requires a submission of the form, please contact Ken Norz at (646)664-8028 for guidance. Once completed, please have the form inserted into the CUR. If you experience technical difficulties in doing so, please send the form to Ken Norz at or via interoffice mail, at Office of Academic Affairs, Central Office. In order to assure a timely registration of your change, please place the month in which the entry was placed into the CUR along with the item’s CUR number. If the appropriate forms do not appear in the report, or are not forwarded to us , this may result in the item being pulled from the current CUR.

Use the “Request to Change or Adapt a Registered Program” form (see link above) to request program changes that require approval by the State Education Department (see chart).[1] For programs that are registered jointly with another institution, all participating institutions must confirm support for the changes.


To change a program registered through the Office of the Professions (all licensed professions with the exception of teacher education and law) use the Professional Program Change form.

To change a registered teacher certification or educational leadership certification program or add a certificate qualification to an existing program, use the Change or Adapt a Teacher Ed Program

Changes and Adaptations Requiring State Education Department Approval

Changes in Program Content (all programs)

1. Any of the following substantive changes:


Other Changes (all programs)

  1. Program title
  2. Program award (e.g., change in degree)
  3. Mode of delivery (Note: if the change involves adding a distance education format to a registered program, please complete the distance education application .)
  4. Discontinuing a program
  5. A format change that alters the program’s financial aid eligibility (e.g., from full-time to part-time, or to an
    abbreviated or accelerated semester)
  6. A change in the total number of credits of any certificate or advanced certificate program


Establishing New Programs Based on Existing Registered Programs

  1. Creating a dual-degree program from existing registered programs
  2. Creating a new program from a concentration/track in an existing registered program


Source: New York State Education Department website.