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555 West 57th Street, 10th and 13th Floors
New York, New York, 10019

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Services include

  • Referrals to work-study, internships and work experience;
  • Informational mailings and seminars to keep students informed of public assistance requirements;
  • Job preparation, placement and follow-up;
  • Housing information; and
  • Referrals to other agencies as needed.
  • Assistance with completing HRA forms (School Letter) for carfare and childcare.

For services, contact one of the CUNY EDGE campus offices.


In addition, services for students in HRA Undergraduate Degree programs:

  • Help with registration and scheduling to allow students to meet Family Assistance work requirements without interfering with their class schedules;
  • Provide assistance with completing HRA forms (example: School Letter) to obtain childcare and carfare supplements. Help with preparing for HRA appointments, and meeting workfare requirements; and
  • Tutoring and academic and personal counseling.