For All Adult Students

  • The Literacy Review

    The Literacy Review is an annual journal of writing from adult literacy programs throughout New York City. Students from adult education programs all over New York City are published in this journal. You can read stories from other students in journals from past years. To submit your story or poem, talk to an adult education teacher.


For ESOL Students

  • “We Are New York”: Learn English Online or on TV

    Practice your English with the “We Are New York” video series. Online access to videos, study guides, readers and magazines. Emmy-award winning series created by The CUNY Adult Literacy Program and the NYC Mayor’s Office of Adult Education.

  • ESOL Help

    Need help with English? Visit “ESOL Help,” a list of sites where you can practice your English for free online. Find links to New York City and state services for life goals such as citizenship, health, jobs, and college-going.



  • CUNY HSE Book Club

    Recommended books for pre-HSE and HSE students.

  • CUNY History Book Club

    Reviews of young adult historical fiction, trade books, websites and documentaries for learning history, searchable by category.

  • CUNY Science Book Club

    A list of young adult and trade books for learning about HSE science topics, searchable by category.

  • You Can Too!

    Get informed, get motivated, and give back. Watch more videos of adult learners at the “You Can Too!” website created through a partnership of the New York City Council and former Mayor’s Office of Adult Education.

  • NYC College Line

    Find local programs in NYC and online resources for getting into and staying in college.


For Adult Students Who Are Parents

The authors of children’s science books use pictures and simple explanations to make foundational science concepts interesting and accessible. These books can be a great way to develop your own science background knowledge while reading to young children. This list of books has topics in both science and math for elementary students and their families.

The benefits of reading stories to our children at nighttime have been shared countless times over, and for good reason. Reading improves literacy skills. What about math? Math Before Bed is a collection of pictures and questions that can inspire mathematical discussions that you and your children can have before bed, at dinner, or anytime.

This blog details the adventures of a math teacher as he tries to engage his kids in discussions about math. There are lots of ideas about how other parents can do the same, even if they are not math teachers themselves.

Student Stories

Listen to 3 CUNY Peter Jennings Laurel Award Scholarship winners as they describe going back to school.

Yohan Garcia (5:45)