“Students in adult literacy programs know that a major key to living productively in the U.S. is their ability to function in English. But even after learning the basics they have limited opportunity to actually speak the language. It gives me immense satisfaction knowing that through the adult literacy program I can provide that opportunity and help them achieve their goals.”

— Jerry Eber, ESOL Instructor, Bronx Community College

The following web sites collect resources on curriculum and pedagogy for ESOL, pre-HSE, HSE and college transition work in adult education. You may also want to look at our resources for students, which include online information that may be useful for students in ESOL, pre-HSE and HSE classes. With support from teachers, these resources can help students continue to work towards their goals independently.


The CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework

HSE Curriculum Framework in ELA/SS, Science and Math

The CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework provides direction, structure and materials for teaching math, science and social studies (integrated with reading and writing) in the new era of HSE instruction. The complete framework is available for free download. The framework is a research-based instructional guide in each of these three areas with resources to support HSE teachers with coherent lesson plans, engaging student activities, curriculum maps, descriptions of topic units and more.

CUNY HSE Framework Posts


The CUNY Adult Literacy/HSE Professional Development Team has created a growing collection of resources and lessons to supplement and go beyond the materials in the CUNY HSE Framework. This website is designed to get lessons, readings, and activities, all aligned to the HSE exams, into the hands of HSE teachers. It is also a great place for teachers to find out more information on the TASC test.

Teaching Resources

CUNY Teaching Resources (Dropbox link)

Reading, writing, social studies, science and math materials for CUNY pre-HSE and HSE teachers via secure log-in. If you are a CUNY adult ed teacher, ask program staff at your site or a professional developer about access.



Reviews of free, quality teaching resources, written by adult education teachers, for adult education teachers. Find rich materials in the following content areas: College & Career Readiness, ESOL, Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Technology and Writing. If you are a NYS adult educator, we encourage your participation in commenting on resources that are useful to you.

Math Memos


MathMemos is a teacher space where adult numeracy/hse teachers share rich math problems, samples of student work, and practical suggestions for bringing the problem to life in your classroom. We believe that at the heart of every great math class is a great math problem. MathMemos contributors are adult educators who are passionate about teaching math through problem-solving activities.

CAMI (Community of Adult Math Instructors)


CAMI is a math teachers’ circle for adult education teachers in New York City. We believe in the power of teachers doing math together, making connections between our own learning and our teaching. We have monthly meetings to solve math problems, talk about teaching and collaborate with peers. We welcome math teachers of all levels.

LINCS (Literacy Information and Communication System)


This nationwide resource hosts email discussion groups on various adult education topics such as English language acquisition, mathematics, science, career pathways, professional development, program management, etc. Registration is free.

CUNY Common Core Institutes for Adult Learners


A public wiki created and maintained from 2012-2015 by the CUNY Adult Literacy/HSE Professional Development Team to support CUNY teachers and the field at large to support to align our adult literacy classes with the Common Core State Standards. This web project came out of a series of content-based teacher workshops delivered across NYC and was funded by a grant from the Booth Ferris Foundation.

English for Speakers of Other Languages

CUNY ESOL Teacher Shares Wiki


Links to lesson sets and materials for CUNY ESOL teachers via secure log-in.

New York City Adult ESL Institute Wiki


A public wiki created for use at the New York City Adult Literacy Institute for ESL. Content areas include civics, technology, bridge programming, and We Are New York.



This is a list of places where you can study English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) free online.

Teaching with “We Are New York”


Visit our “For Educators” page to learn how teachers have used the Emmy-award winning video series “We Are New York” their classrooms. Or, hear their stories below.

“We Are New York” in the Classroom (Part 1)

“We Are New York” in the Classroom (Part 2)

X-Word Grammar


A collaborative wiki for ESOL instructors around the world who wish to learn more about X-Word Grammar, facilitated by and featuring numerous contributions from current and former CUNY ESOL instructors.

College and Career Pathways

CUNY College Going Wiki


A public wiki to serve students, advisors, instructors and others interested in learning more about college-going in general and applying to CUNY in particular. Maintained by CUNY professional development coordinators using information from the CUNY Welcome Center and related affiliates.

Jobs in Literacy


To find programs hiring Adult Literacy, HSE and ESOL instructors, you can consult the jobs board maintained by the Literacy Assistance Center of New York.