CLIP students come from more than 90 countries and speak 45 different languages. Thousands of CLIP alumni have graduated from a CUNY college with an average GPA of 3.1 or higher. CLIP students develop bonds and support networks that help them succeed as they continue in their studies at a CUNY college.

CLIP is designed primarily for first-time freshmen with English language needs who have not yet passed the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading and/or Writing. Students from all 17 campuses are eligible to attend one of the 9 CLIP program sites. Upon completion of a maximum of one year of study in CLIP, students return to their home campuses for placement into college level courses.

CLIP is an option for ESL students who prefer a full-time immersion approach to their English language studies that does not draw upon their financial aid allocation. Students are also referred to CLIP by college Offices of Admissions, Freshman Year programs, SEEK, and College Discovery. In addition, faculty in ESL and Developmental Skills departments refer students they believe will benefit from the CLIP instructional model. Students may also be referred if they have been academically dismissed from a four-year college having failed the same ESL course twice.

Instruction in CLIP is offered at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Students are placed according to an essay and a standardized, multiple-choice test, in conjunction with their scores on the CUNY Assessment Tests in Reading and Writing.

CLIP is a demanding program. It is suitable only for those students who can participate in a class that meets five hours per day, five days per week (in day or evening sessions). Students must also devote time outside of class for reading and other homework assignments. To be successful in CLIP, students have to balance their work, family and CLIP obligations.

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