To enroll in CLIP:

  • For new students: After you are admitted to a CUNY campus, please call 646 664-8016 for assistance and further information. You may also receive information about the program in the mail. See the CLIP Calendars and Fees and FAQs.
  • For already matriculated students: To attend CLIP, you must be referred by a professor or a counselor at your campus.

When you complete CLIP, you will automatically be readmitted to the CUNY college that accepted you.


Benefits of CLIP

  • It is low cost, and you can learn English without using your financial aid allocation.
  • You will spend 25 hours a week for up to one year in intensive English language instruction and orientation to college.
  • Day and evening sessions are available.
  • You will learn reading, writing and oral communication skills that will help you be a successful college student at CUNY.
  • You will learn how to use a computer for writing and research.