At the heart of the CLIP Program are its outstanding instructors. Their innovative coursework and teaching skills provide CLIP students with an engaging and rigorous learning experience.

CLIP faculty are ESL professionals who have expertise in content-based English language instruction and in the use of technology for academic purposes. Within programmatic guidelines, CLIP instructors devise ESL courses that integrate English language instruction with an introduction to academic subjects encountered in college.

CLIP faculty have developed a rich body of content-based courses and instructional approaches that have proven to be effective in preparing ESL students for the demands of college-level work. (Sample course descriptions.) The CLIP model has provided a framework for the development of similar programs within CUNY and other colleges and universities. CLIP faculty share their work through presentations at local, state and national conferences. Presentation topics have included the co-development of English language skills and content learning, the use of the Internet for academic purposes and the development of evidential reasoning skills, among others.

CLIP faculty are part of a professional community supported through a range of campus-based and program-wide learning opportunities. The program meets as a whole for conferences, and an active listserv provides a forum for discussion and sharing resources. This website contains a password-protected professional development section, with fully developed sample courses, instructional and curricular materials, ideas for research projects, and assessment tools. The ongoing contributions to this section by CLIP instructors and Office of Academic Affairs staff developers maintain the currency and vibrancy of this valuable resource.