CUNY Start: Analysis of Student Outcomes is a comprehensive evaluation of proficiency gains, matriculation rates, and post-secondary outcomes of CUNY Start students as compared to similar students who enrolled directly in a CUNY degree program. The findings indicate that CUNY Start students are more likely to gain proficiency in all of the basic skills areas (reading, writing, and mathematics) and have stronger persistence, GPA and retention outcomes once they enter a degree program.

CUNY Start: Analysis of Student Outcomes

This two-page summary provides a snapshot of CUNY Start’s overall enrollment, program completion rates, and proficiency gains for students enrolled in the program between Fall 2009 and Spring 2017. Proficiency gains in the basic skills area of reading, writing and math are broken out by number of developmental needs pre- and post-program and show individual subject proficiency gains and one-semester proficiency gains by one, two and three subject areas.

CUNY Start Proficiency Outcomes – Fall 2009 through Spring 2017

A one-page profile highlighting demographics and background characteristics for students enrolled in CUNY Start between Fall 2009 and Spring 2017. The summary includes data on gender, race and ethnicity, and age.

CUNY Start Student Profile: Demographic Snapshot, Fall 2009 through Spring 2017

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