Program Overview

Math Start is an 8-week intensive math program that prepares students for success in college by fostering their full math potential. In a social, collaborative learning environment, students access the support they need to increase their understanding of math so that they can meet CUNY’s proficiency standards and thrive as a CUNY college student. In addition, students attend a weekly college success seminar to help them develop their academic identity and learn about careers and campus life.



Your starting point is here.

In just 8-weeks, students will: 

  • Become ready for credited math courses and college
  • Be set on the path to graduation
  • Receive two opportunities to meet CUNY’s proficiency standards in math


Program Highlights:  

  • Just $35, including materials
  • Free MTA MetroCards
  • Fast-tracks your learning in just 8-weeks
  • Summer, late fall and late spring programming
  • Saves tuition and financial aid dollars for credit courses
  • Small class sizes with instructor and tutor support
  • Fosters understanding through discussion, not memorization
  • College, career and campus life advisement
  • Pathway to CUNY’s nationally recognized Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) to help students graduate on time


Eligibility Requirements

  • Earned a high school or high school equivalency diploma
  • Completed all CUNY admissions requirements
  • Admitted to a campus that offers the CUNY Start/Math Start program
  • Have taken the CUNY Assessment Tests
  • Demonstrate need for skills development in math based on your CUNY Assessment Test results

How to Apply

  1. Connect with the Math Start program at your campus
  2. Attend a Math Start information session
  3. Complete the Math Start program application online
  4. Interview with a Math Start staff member
  5. Submit a copy of your high school or high school equivalency diploma and complete any additional campus-specific requirements
  6. Pay the $35 student fee


For more information, please contact one of the colleges below:

*Borough of Manhattan Community College
Wall Street Area/Manhattan

*Bronx Community College
University Heights/The Bronx

*College of Staten Island
Staten Island

*Hostos Community College
The Bronx


*Spring Sessions Offered.

LaGuardia Community College
Long Island City/Queens

*Medgar Evers College
Central Brooklyn

Queensborough Community College

**MetroCards for students to participate in Bronx Community College and Hostos Community Colleges’ Math Start programs are made possible due to the generous support of The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation.