Global Search is a tool that allows students to find courses across the university using filters such as colleges, semester, subject area, time, and online/in-person delivery. The following list of Frequently Asked Questions should help students understand the benefits of Global Search and how to use search results when registering for courses.

What makes the Global Search different from the class schedule search function available in CUNYfirst?

Global Search offers the flexibility to search for courses across multiple CUNY Colleges while the search tool in CUNYfirst is limited to only one college at a time. Global Search also has the ability to search by:

  • mode of instruction delivery, such as fully online, hybrid, or in-person
  • general education area
  • subject area
  • course attribute, such as program affiliation, zero textbook costs, or fulfilling Major Gateway requirements

Can I add courses to my CUNYfirst shopping cart after using the Global Search?

No, you will need to log in to your CUNYfirst student account and enter the course number to enroll. Although Global Search accesses the latest CUNYfirst course information, it was developed as an independent tool so that visiting and prospective students could use it as well.

I am a CUNY student who is interested in taking a course at a different college than the one I attend. What do I do next?

You will need to use the university’s ePermit process to gain access to enroll in a course at another CUNY college. Visit the Register for a Course page or ePermit page to learn more.

Additional questions about course options and availability should be directed to your academic adviser.