Eligibility for Admission to the SEEK or CD Program

If you are a talented and motivated individual whose academic record does not reflect your full potential, and you are from a low income family, the SEEK or CD Program may be for you.

A student must meet all of the following criteria in order to be considered for admission to the SEEK or CD Program:

  • be a high school graduate or have a New York State approved General Equivalency Diploma or its equivalent; and
  • have not previously attended a college or university, except in the case of students enrolled in the State University of New York’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), or the independent colleges’ Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP); and
  • be a resident of New York State for SEEK admission or a resident of New York City for CD Program admission; and
  • have an admissions index score that is below the cutpoint for regular admissions to a particular senior college (for SEEK admission) or have a college admissions average of less than 80 percent for admission to a community college CD Program; and
  • have a family income and other available financial resources fall within guidelines established by New York State; and
  • attend a pre-freshman summer session if you do not satisfy the University criteria on one or more of the University Skills Assessment Tests in Reading, Writing, or Mathematics.

To Apply

If you are a first-time freshman and you believe you meet the eligibility requirements, complete the CUNY application on-line by clicking here. Be sure to fill out the SEEK/CD section.

Applications are also available from the admissions office at the campus you wish to attend and from your high school counselor. If you have been enrolled in EOP, HEOP, SEEK or CD. You must also fill out an additional form and send it to the SEEK/CD Director at the campus you wish to attend. For a copy of the form clicking here.