Campus Program Contact Information

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Kristy Perez Director (646)312-4630
Betty Duverger Deputy Director & Counselor (646)312-4629
Gloria Paulus Transfer Division Counselor (646)312-4649
Ilse Junod Counselor (646)312-4624
Rebecca Quianoo Counselor (646)312-4622
Andrew Lawton Counselor & Counseling Coordinator/Representative (646)312-4631
Carlton Marshall Financial Aid Liaison (646)312-1410
Nicole Gentry Administrative Assistant (646)312-4640
David Rosen Academic Support Coordinator (646)312-4635
Marisol Morales Technology Specialist & Events Coordinator (646)312-4625
Monika Kosior Substitute Counselor (646)312-4628

Baruch College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Diane Forté Director (718)951-5738
Annette Nesbit Administrative Assistant (718)951-5738
William Herrera Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)951-5931
Zoya Khalfin Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)951-5931
Ariel Jasper Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)951-5931
Sheldon Cousins Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)951-5931
Jonelle Fera Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)951-5931
Gregory Williams Financial Aid Liaison (718)951-5072

Brooklyn College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Sherri Rings Director & Chair (212)650-5781
Marie Nazon Counselor (212)650-5767
Debra Kennedy Counselor (212)650-7965
Alice Shepard Counselor (212)650-7574
Gregory Thompson Counseling Coordinator (212)650-7213
Mara Washburn Counselor (212)650-5759
Ana Zevallos Counselor (212)650-5777
Michelle Samlal Financial Aid Liaison (212)650-5804
Lamar Lyon Office Assistant (212)650-6617
Ronny Garcia SEEK Manager/Admissions Coordinator (212)650-7295
Vishal Bodawala Academic Technology Coordinator (212)650-5788
Hawai Kwok Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (212)650-5784

The City College of New York

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Pamela Clark Director (212)772-4033
Robin Taylor Administrative Assistant (212)772-4030
Jorge Fuentes Counselor (212)772-5760
Fredericka Liggins Counselor (212)772-5766
Patricia Martin Counselor (212)772-5767
Sandra Granizo Cruz Counselor (212)772-5774
Carlixta Hernandez Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (212)772-5764
Francisco Gil IT Technology Academic Coordrinator (212)772-5728
Wilson Benito Title Pending (212)396-6842
Daffodil Denis Financial Aid Liaison (212)772-4820

Hunter College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Carmen Solis Interim Director (212)237-8173
Fay Williams Associate Director (212)237-8164
Monika Son Counseling Coordinator/Representative (212)237-8182
Schevaletta Alford Counselor (212)237-8171
Virginia Diaz-Mendoza Counselor (212)237-8028
Cheryl Franks Counselor (646)557-4439
Erica King-Toler Counselor (212)237-8175
Christian Luperon Counselor (212)237-8029
Walter Vega Counselor (212)237-4522
Delmar Dualeh Counselor (212)237-8934
Gabrielle Cuesta Counselor (212)393-6857
Wendy Johnny Counselor (212)237-8176
Chrissy Pacheco Financial Aid Liaison (212)237-8153
Juana Polanco-Thompson Administrative Coordinator (212)237-8168
Mark Francis Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (212)393-6389
Dyncie Valdez Interim-SEEK Academic Support Educational Coordinator   (212)237-8883

John Jay College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Annette Hernandez Director (718)960-7967
Mong Tho Melo Administrative Assistant (718)960-8503
Pedro Luna Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)960-8203
Lisa Jones Counselor (718)960-8201
Lida Mora Counselor (718)960-8523
Alberto Navarro Counselor (718)960-7859
Candida Hernandez Counselor (718)960-7786
Robert Cole Counselor (718)960-1829
Walter Valero Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (718)960-7979
Nancy Colon IT Academic Techonology Coordinator (718)960-7971
Marie Gonzalez Financial Aid Liaison (718)960-8620

Lehman College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Sherrill-Ann Mason Director (718)270-4973
Yvanne Joseph Counseling Coordinator (718)270-4967
Jewel James Counselor (718)270-4972
Alexis McLean Associate Director/Counselor (718)270-4961
Rebecca Cenatus Counselor (718)270-8960
Derek Lujan Assistant to the Director/Enrollment Coordinator (718)270-4974
Jessica Rivera Tutoring/Academic Program Manager (718)270-4974
Rose TaelleGrand-Pierre Academic IT Coordinator (718)270-5137

Medgar Evers College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Paul Dorestant Director (718)260-5941
Ronald Platzer Associate Director (718)260-5687
Rodlyn Daniels Office Administrator (718)260-5876
Jose Camacho IT Coordinator (718)260-9871
Nicholas Millet Counseling Services Coordinator (718)260-5615
Kimberly Colclough Counselor (718)260-5461
Gabriella Collantes-Woods Counselor (718)260-5683
Evita Colon Counselor (718)260-5126
Malcolm Ebanks Counselor (718)260-5685
Daniel Murphy Counselor (718)260-5231
Kisha Swaby Counselor (718)260-5680
Kristen Tonnesen Counselor (718)254-8683
Jennifer Thomas Financial Aid Liaison (718)260-5680

NY City College of Technology

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Norka Blackman-Richards Director (718)997-3113
Prof. Denise Miller Career/Internship Advisor​ (718)570-0554
Jessica Perez Career/Internship Advisor
Rajvir Kaur Counseling Coordinator/Representative & Transfer Counselor (718)997-3158
Maryanne Chester, Dr. Counseling Coordinator/Representative
Gaslin Osias Counseling Coordinator/Representative
Jessica Perez Counselor (718)997-3136
Gwendolyn Henry Counselor (718)997-3182
Margarita Eguizabal Counselor
Brandon St Louis Counselor (718)997-3138
Shonelle George Counselor
Clifford Couloute Financial Aid Liaison (718)997-5109
Sharon Lopez Financial Aid Liaison (718)997-5127
Farida Rahaman Office Assistant, Counseling Unit (718)997-3150
Kayla Cato Office Assistant, Director
Walter Dogan SEEK Enrollment/Registration (718)997-3151
Rajvir Kaur Transfer Counselors (718)997-4287
TBD Academic Program Manager (718)997-3137
Cicely Rodway, Dr. Academic Coaches Coordinator
William Modeste Counselor (Ret) 718-997-3166
Omayemi Agbeyegbe, Dr. Faculty (Political Science) 718-997-3140
Alan Milchman Faculty (Political Science)
Evan Daniel, Dr. Faculty (History)
Dianna Chen Faculty (Math)​ 718-997-3114
Broges Adele Faculty (Math)
Anisha Clarke Faculty (Math) 718-997-3115
Jessica Harris, Dr. Faculty (English)
Akhtar  Khan Faculty (English)
Chastity Whitaker Faculty (English)

Queens College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Georgia Landrum Co-Director (718)982-2424
Maria Levine Co-Director (718)982-2706
Steven James Counselor (718)982-2418
Miriam Miriam Perez-Lai Counselor (718)982-2421
Jennifer Carrion Counselor (718)982-2689
Stephanie Gardiner Financial Aid Liaison (718)982-2709
Celeste DelMaestro Office Assistant (718)982-2438
Jean Como Coordinator, SEEK Research Assistants Project (718)982-2416
Earl Gatchalian Lab Technician (718)982-2412
Elizabeth McDermott Recruitment, Financial Aid Liaison (718)982-2389
Angela Caliendo Recruitment, Financial Aid Liaison (718)982-2592
Jessica Rainer SEEK Academic Support (718)982-2415
Lisa Mooney SEEK Academic Support (718)982-2410
Rosina Christian SEEK Academic Support (718)982-2410
Kristina Montesano SEEK Learning Center (718)982-2417
Nancy Goetze SEEK Learning Center (718)982-2032
PeggyAnne Buttermark SEEK Learning Center (718)982-2412
Geeth Padmaperuma SEEK Learning Center (718)982-2561

College of Staten Island

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Sameea Belle Director (718)262-2314
Tracey Ellis Counselor (718)262-3770
Tenesha Lynch Counselor (718)262-2319
Robin Mayers-Anselm Counselor (718)262-2310
Ojuolape Mayungbo Counselor (718)262-2673
Michele Hardy Office Manager (718)262-2871
Alicia Cesar Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (718)262-2071
Sharda Arjune Financial Aid Liaison (718)262-5192
Shane Parawan IT Coordinator (718)262-2300
Miosotys Hernandez Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)-262-2315

York College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Pedro Pérez Director (212)220-8154
Adrian Solomon Counseling Coordinator/Representative (212)220-8159
Adrienne Faison Counselor (212)220-8156
Nelson Izquierdo Counselor (212)220-8001
Vanessa Rozzelle Counselor (212)220-8157
Beryl Duncan Wilson Counselor (212)220-8155
Justyna Jagielnicka Counselor (212)220-7478
Elizabeth Paniagua Financial Aid Liaison (212)220-7079
Bryce Tolbert Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (212)220-8173
Szabo Maria College Office Assistant (212)220-8152

Borough of Manhattan Community College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Cynthia Suarez-Espinal Director (718)289-5726
Gerard Cole Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)289-5909
Nathan Aiken Counselor (718)289-5100×3190
Kerelle Caldwell Counselor (718)289-5100×3189
Alixon Delgado Counselor (718)289-5100×3132
Patricia Brown-Dennison Financial Aid Liaison (718)289-5728
Jeannette Davila-Mendez Secretary/Assistant (718)289-5870
Main Office (718)289-5882
Leidy Pichardo Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (718)289-5914

Bronx Community College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Maria Grieco Director (718)518-4475
Eric Rodriguez Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)518-4268
Latoya Chiddick Counselor (718)518-4310
Nelly Cruz Financial Aid Liaison (718)518-4380
Indira Castillo Secretary/Assistant (718)518-4265
Camelia Sotolongo Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (718)518-4266
Anneris Fernandez Secretary/Assistant (718)518-4486
Betty Diaz Classroom Tutors/Peer Advisors 718-518-4353
Caridad Fortuna Classroom Tutors/Peer Advisors 718-518-4353

Hostos Community College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Brenda Vargas Director (718)368-5385
Kevin Gayle Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)368-5995
NaReida Crandall Counselor (718)368-5781
Reina Prestia Counselor (718)368-5993
Karl Alexandre Counselor (718)368-5991
Valentina Morgan Financial Aid Liaison (718)368-5941
Linda Mizhquire Office Assistant 718-368-5520
Giovana Schnabel Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (718)368-5177/5576
olga Velasteigui College Assistant ext.5520

Kingsborough Community College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Suraj Singh Director (718)482-5919
Marianne Kaukiainen-Russo Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)482-5277
Roni Patterson Counselor (718)482-5274
Sundeese Borden Counselor (718)482-5272
Kyoko Toyama Counselor (718)482-5276
Maxine Lance Secretary/Assistant (718)482-5270
Anne Avalos Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator (718)482-5254

LaGuardia Community College

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Winston Yarde Director (718)631-6210
Katwicia Desruisseaux Counseling Coordinator/Representative (718)281-5313
Jennifer Klein Counselor 718-631-6210
Cynthia Puca Counselor (718)631-6210
Michelle Yeung Financial Aid Liaison (718)281-5096
Jeffrey Collins Tutoring/Academic Support Coordinator 718-631-6618

Queensborough Community College