From the Desk of Cheryl Williams, Associate Dean of Special Programs:

The SEEK/College Discovery community joins the family and friends of Frank Franklin in mourning his loss. We will miss Frank’s knowledge of University history, his financial aid expertise, and his leadership on legislative advocacy. Above all, we will miss Frank Franklin as the kind and generous friend he has been to many of us.

Frank’s career at Queens College began 45 years ago in the Office of Financial Aid. He later became SEEK Director, serving for over 20 years. Under his guidance SEEK soared, becoming one of the premier programs at CUNY.  Queens SEEK can proudly boast how well their students achieve. While they enter Queens College with lower SAT’s and high school averages, under the guidance of SEEK professionals, Queens SEEK students are more likely to pass critical math and composition courses, return after the first and second years, and they ultimately graduate earlier than non-program students.

All who knew him will agree that Frank’s leadership style was a major reason the program does so well.  Always a gentle soul, Frank brought out the best in students and staff alike. He believed in his students, supported his staff, and they flourished under his patient guidance. We benefited from having him in our midst for so long and will miss him sorely.