Counseling Support

Upon admission, a student is assigned to a SEEK/CD counselor who is available throughout the student’s stay in college. Counseling services assist Program students with issues that might be an impediment to their academic success and retention. Through individual and group sessions, counselors actively engage their students and assist them in identifying and setting goals for achieving their personal, academic, and career objectives. Some of the special counseling workshops and seminar topics offered include:

  • Managing Time
  • Selecting a Major
  • Coping with Stress
  • Understanding College Policies and Procedures
  • Maintaining Wellness
  • Choosing a Career
  • Applying to Graduate School

For many students, the counseling office serves as a “home away from home.” The relationships they develop with their SEEK/CD counselor are usually close. Many counselors continue to serve as mentors and friends even beyond graduation.

Academic Support

The SEEK/CD Programs offer students a variety of academic support services aimed at strengthening their basic skills, bolstering their academic success in all upper level college courses, and maximizing their retention and persistence through to graduation. Supplemental instruction and tutoring support services are available, such as: individual, group, and classroom tutoring; supplemental instruction hours attached to high-risk academic courses; peer study groups; course review groups; and computer assisted academic instruction.

SEEK/CD Programs collaborate with college academic departments in order to create learning communities and to identify specific courses where the attachment of supplemental instruction would most benefit SEEK/CD students. Various SEEK/CD Programs also integrate classroom instruction with such activities as field trips, cultural events, leadership training workshops, and student presentations at academic conferences.

Supplemental Financial Aid

The SEEK/CD Program awards supplemental financial assistance for educational expenses such as transportation, books, supplies, and college fees to students who are economically eligible to receive such additional aid. This is in addition to financial aid available to regularly admitted students. Get more Financial Aid information.