Brooklyn College

Victor Afolabi

Class Standing: Upper Sophomore

Major: Communications

Victor interned as a fashion assistant for stylists Aja Walker and Aeri Yun. When he began this Internship in March 2017 his role required returning clothes and accessories showcased in fashion magazine photoshoots. Victor was later granted opportunities to communicate with public relation managers and received a promotion and became the assistant to Aja Walker. His responsibilities then revolved around assisting managers in studios for magazine photoshoots by steaming garments and preparing a welcoming atmosphere for models during pre and post call times. Some of the photoshoots included companies such as The Daily Front Row that previously worked with Kate Upton, and Dazed and Confused Korea that worked with Mona Offi.

Ferrel Garcia

Class Standing: Upper Senior

Major: Business Administration

Ferrel has found the SEEK Program very helpful in guiding him towards a successful path and providing opportunities to grow. He has voiced his thoughts on the staff being very amicable, empathetic, and always ready to listen to the struggles he may be facing. In particular, the tutoring center has helped him during his initial semesters at Brooklyn College. He shared that the tutors have helped him digest the core curriculum for his Economics class, which led to receiving a good grade.

In addition to completing his classes during the Fall 2016 semester, Ferrel interned for WBCR, a radio station at Brooklyn College. When he began Ferrel learned the fundamental aspects of a radio station, like understanding the workings of a soundboard. He also learned about being a DJ, mic control, taking calls, and interviewing people. After having developed a good understanding, Ferrel co-hosted the radio show with two other peers once a week. The show consisted of playing music after he and his colleagues brainstormed about the music theme and segments aired to increase listenership for the show.

Mariyum Hussain

Class Standing: Lower Junior

Major: Psychology

Mariyum revered the SEEK Program when she came to understand the benefits that come from the program’s community. While in college, Mariyum has felt that SEEK would continue to provide the necessary support during her path to graduation. She expressed her positive relationship with her counselor, Ariel Jasper and the director, Diane Forte. She shared, “Everyone within SEEK always has some sort of advice or knowledge. The SEEK Program also shares information about opportunities on campus for students to attend that may interest, or help with your career path.”

Through the SEEK Program and the help of her counselor, Mariyum was also given the opportunity to attend the three day leadership development retreat in upstate New York, The SEEK/CD Student Leadership Academy Conference. Through that experience she obtained skills to help become a better leader. Mariyum feels that attending the event would have been difficult without her counselors and that the skills she learned will continue to be helpful in the future.

Kelsey Akpan

Class Standing: Lower Junior

Major: Philosophy

Kelsey Akpan is currently a junior in the Brooklyn College SEEK Program. Kelsey feels that SEEK has been an extraordinary program in helping her develop her leadership skills and providing her with tools and support to be successful. In the Fall of 2016 she began tutoring incoming freshmen in English and developing positive rapport with the students. While she was able to assist and help students improve their proficiency in reading and writing, she developed long lasting friendships with fellow tutors and became someone her students can seek for guidance.

In the summer of 2016, Kelsey worked for SEEK’s pre-freshman summer program which helped her hone her public speaking skills. Kelsey expressed her appreciation for her great relationship with her counselor, Ariel Jasper, who has helped guide her in her path to becoming a lawyer.

Yeiky Rivera

Class Standing: Upper Junior

Major: Physical Education Teacher

At the start of the summer Yeiky interned with CUNY Next Steps and aided them in the closing of the program. Yeiky felt the internship had an impact on his academic career by widening his views of the real world. It gave him the opportunity to visit Rikers Island to see the lifestyle of the detainees and hear their stories of what led to their imprisonment. Through this internship he received a firsthand look at the consequences of very poor choices. The experience further reinforced his wishes and motivation to pursue a career in higher education.

Halfway through the summer Yeiky interned with the CUNY Creative Arts Team (an extension of the CUNY Next Steps program). Working with CUNY Next Steps required facilitating workshops, handing out and collecting forms, and even conversing with detainees. With the Creative Arts Team he was working directly with the individuals who manage the program and ensured that it was functioning properly. Interning at the CUNY Creative Arts Team allowed Yeiky to familiarize himself with an office environment and continue developing his Excel skills. He is proud to share that with his prior knowledge of Excel, ingenuity, and tech savviness, he improved the time efficiency of tasks in the office. With this accomplishment he feels his work within the team is even more valuable.

Lehman College

Fernando Rosario

Class Standing: Upper Senior

Major: Business Administration

Fernando Rosario is a Lehman College SEEK senior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He has interned at J.P. Morgan Chase for two consecutive summers and was offered a full-time position as a Financial Analyst when graduates at the end of the spring 2018 semester. Until then he continues to work as a part-time Tutor at the SEEK Learning Center and to study and work hard to maintain his 3.76 cumulative GPA.