Q: How do I apply to CUNY?

A: You can begin by visiting the CUNY Undergraduate Admissions page. You’ll find out a lot more information about deciding which CUNY colleges have programs that suit your needs. There are also clear, step-by-step explanations of what happens at each stage of the application process.

Q: When should I apply to CUNY?

A: It depends on when you’d like to start taking college classes and which programs you’re interested in applying for. For the most up-to-date deadlines and information, click here.

Q: Can I apply to CUNY with a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma?

A: Absolutely! Just make sure to include your HSE (formerly GED) information in the appropriate section of the online CUNY application.

Q: Does CUNY have student housing available?

A: CUNY has limited student housing available during the academic year. However, not all CUNY colleges have housing so make sure that you check to see if the college you’re applying to has housing or not before you apply. You can find more information on housing at CUNY here.

Q: What degrees and majors are available at CUNY?

A: CUNY offers more than 1,750 programs for degree-seeking students including associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. To see which programs are offered across CUNY, click here.