Certification Exam News

NYSED implements safety nets for EAS and CST

Candidates who fail the EAS and CST may now be eligible for safety nets.

ATS-W Vouchers Available to Candidates Who Did Not Pass the edTPA

Candidates who fail the edTPA and choose to take the ATS-W instead of retaking the edTPA may request a test voucher code to take the ATS-W at no cost.

How to request a voucher

NYSED implements edTPA safety net.

Students must take the edTPA! On April 29 the Regents enacted a new process for candidates who do not pass the edTPA to take the ATS-W for certification.

Preparation Guides for the New Content Specialty Tests Posted

New York State has released preparation guides for the new Content Specialty Tests. The first administration of the new exams began on September 22, 2014.

Overview of the New Certification Examinations

The NYSED now requires that candidates applying for NYS Initial Certification on or after May 1st, 2014, complete new exams which are listed below. Several of these are computer-based tests. After you sort through all this new information, CUNY has created a study tip sheet just for you called 5 Steps to Prep!


edTPA is a performance assessment that requires candidates to submit authentic artifacts (e.g., lesson plans, video clips of instruction, student work samples) selected from a 3-5 lesson segment of instruction. Candidates’ evidence is evaluated across five scoring components of teaching: Planning, Instruction, Assessment, Analysis of Teaching, and Academic Language.

Procedures and Requirements

  • Register on edTPA website
  • Fee $300
  • Minimum Passing Scores: Elementary Ed/49, All other handbook areas/41, World/Classical Langauges/35

Preparation Aids


The Educating All Students test consists of selected-response items and constructed-response items. Each constructed-response item will share scenario-based stimulus material with several selected-response items. The EAS test measures the professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills necessary to teach all students – diverse student populations, English language learners, students with disabilities – effectively in New York State public schools.

Procedures and Requirements

Preparation Aids


As of March 14, 2017, the ALST is no longer required for teacher certification and candidates should not enroll in preparation courses for it.

Candidates who registered for the exam, but have not taken it, were notified by NYSTCE that their registrations had been cancelled and that they would receive a refund.

Candidates who applied for certification and were not certified prior to the elimination of the ALST and need the ALST requirement exempted will need to email examsafetynet@nysed.gov to request the ALST to be exempted.


The CSTs (except those for languages other than English) consist of multiple-choice questions and a written assignment. The CSTs for languages other than English include recorded listening and/or speaking components and writing components. CSTs measure knowledge and skills in the content area of the candidate’s field of certification.

Procedures and Requirements

  • Register on NYSTCE website
  • Fee $119 computer based, $79 paper based
  • Minimum Passing Score: current CSTs 220 (score range 100-300), revised CSTs 520 (Score range 400-600)

Preparation Aids