City College’s School of Education has an agreement with the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). After meeting certain requirements, BMCC students are accepted into CCNY’s Childhood Education Undergraduate Program. This dual degree program allows BMCC students to complete their Bachelor of Science degree in Education and requirements for initial teacher certification (grades 1 – 6).

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Transfer students represent an important pipeline for CUNY’s Teacher Education programs. Across total Education graduates at CUNY, transfer students from community colleges represent 46% of senior college graduates. Special partnership programs between schools makes transfer easier, but good advisement is important for all transfer students. The resources on this page are aimed at making the transfer process more clear so that students can apply as many credits as possible, graduate on time, and start making an impact in classrooms.

Admission Into Education Programs

CUNY’s Teacher Education Grid outlines programs across CUNY at every degree level. Community College students wishing to earn a bachelor’s degree and teacher certification can appy to one of CUNY’s nine senior colleges that offers teacher education. More information can be found on campus websites, below.


Choosing Courses

Two resources may be helpful to students choosing courses they wish to transfer into the Teacher Education major.

  • Pathways faculty committees have designated three “gateway” courses leading into the Teacher Education major. Students can take the designated gateway courses and should be able to transfer them for major credit seamlessly between CUNY colleges that offer the major.
  • New York State Education Department also requires certain course features for degree programs leading to state teacher certification.

Preparing to Transfer

The Admission Application for Transfer Students must be submitted online.

Senior College Contacts for Questions on Credit Transfers

The City College of New York

Stacia Pusey
Assistant Dean of Enrollment & Student Services

Gretchen Johnson
Associate Dean, School of Education

Ana Vasovic
Director of General Education,
Office of the Senior Associate Provost

College of Staten Island

Early Childhood and Childhood Education transfers:
Michelle Borowski
Center for Advising and Academic Success

Hunter College

Jason Riffaterre
Assistant Director for Undergraduate Student Affairs

Lehman College

Early Childhood and Childhood Education:
Nancy Dubetz, Program Coordinator

Medgar Evers College

Alicia Collins

York College

Dana Fusco
Chairperson, Education Department