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Register now for classes being held at CUNY Colleges in all 5 boroughs. Visit our open houses, check out upcoming events, and find the perfect winter course. View a Complete List of Courses

Winter Programs

Study Abroad

CUNY offers students a wide range of short-term and semester programs that provide participants with significant cultural as well as academic experience.

Adult & Continuing Education

More courses and opportunities than any other leading institution in New York City. Make CUNY your first stop in January 2016.


The CUNY Value

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students choose The City University of New York for the powerful combination of stellar academics, remarkable affordability, and the prestigious array of 24 modern campuses in the most exciting city in the world. That’s the CUNY Value.

Vets, CUNY Wants You

Veterans who are applying to CUNY as undergraduates are eligible to apply for a fee waiver. And no deposit is required.

CUNY Service Corps

Join fellow students to improve NYC’s civic, economic and environmental sustainability.