In response to rising textbook costs, as well as new federal and state laws, CUNY has made it a priority to help students save money when purchasing textbooks. As part of this effort, Executive Vice Chancellor Alexandra W. Logue issued a request for proposals to explore the role that eBooks can play in classes. Specifically, the RFP sought proposals to explore the educational role, use patterns, and cost savings of eBooks for courses offered in the fall 2010 semester. Proposals were invited from individual faculty members, groups of faculty members, individual campuses, or groups of campuses, and were due by March 29, 2010.

Thirty-one proposals were received. Under the leadership of University Director of Academic Technology George Otte, a review committee evaluated the proposals. Based on project scope and resources, the committee issued full or partial funding recommendations for 11 projects, which are listed below.

Borough of Manhattan Community College, A Study of the Effectiveness and Pedagogy Using Bundled Electronic Textbooks in Mathematics Classes: Sidney Eng, Chair, Library; Margaret Karrass, Deputy Chair, Mathematics Department; Kanu A. Nagra, Electronic Resources Librarian ($10,000)

Borough of Manhattan Community College, A Proposal of a Study of the Effectiveness and Pedagogical Issues Using an Electronic Textbook in Developmental Reading Courses: Michelle Martin, Instructor, Developmental Reading Skills; Robin Brown, Library ($3,500)

City College, Using Connect Plus: An All-Digital Learning Environment for the Second Semester Using Introductory Biology Course for Science Majors, Jane Gallagher, Professor, Biology ($10,000)

Hunter College, eBook Proposal for Introduction to American Government: A Historical Perspective: Ann Cohen, Professor, Political Science; Jennifer Hopper, Adjunct Faculty, Political Science; Lina Newton, Associate Professor, Political Science; Charles Tien, Chair, Political Science ($6,000)

Kingsborough Community College, Evaluation of Commercially Available Enhanced E-Book Introductory Psychology Platforms: Bill Winter, Assistant Professor, Behavioral Sciences ($3,750)

John Jay College, Proposal for eBook Utilization: Meghan Duffy, Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching; Bill Pangburn, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Art & Music; Adam S. Wandt, Chair for Instructional Technology, Department of Public Management ($7,000)

Medgar Evers College, eBook Initiative Application: Keming Liu, Associate Professor and Deputy Chair, Department of English; Jennifer Sparrow, Dean for Academic Affairs ($10,000)

Medgar Evers College, A Study on the Effectiveness and Feasibility of eBooks: Margaret Cox, Substitute Instructor, Department of English; Damele Collier, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of English; Carl Andrews, Assistant Professor/Interlibrary Loan Librarian ($10,000)

Queens College, An eBook Textbook in the Art History Survey Course: Michael Nelson, Assistant Professor, Art History ($4,817)

Queens College
, eBooks to Promote Self-Directed Lifelong Learning in Teacher Education Programs: A Study of Use Patterns in an Educational Technology Class: Sunghee Shin, Assistant Professor, Elementary and Early Childhood Education; Michelle Fraboni, Lecturer, Elementary and Early Childhood Education ($5,900)

York College, Developing and Distributing eBooks Through Multiple Platforms: Xin Bai, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education; and Michael B. Smith, Assistant Professor, Communications Technology ($9,700)