Online instruction at CUNY is growing. Current offerings include more than 800 online course sections each semester across 16 CUNY colleges. CUNY’s School of Professional Studies is home to a wide variety of fully online graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs (and is ranked in the top 10% of all online bachelor’s degree programs in the country by U.S. News & World Report, and #1 in New York State), as well as a fully online general education curriculum. More CUNY colleges are expanding their offerings with new online courses and programs every semester, and in the coming years the university will be working to enhance its online learning environment in many ways.

CUNY also supports discipline-specific initiatives in areas such as Teacher Education, and offers seven new online Advanced Certificates for teachers in high-need license areas like Special Education (1-6 and 7-12) at City, TESOL at Hunter and CSI, Gifted Education at Lehman, Bilingual Education at Queens, and Early Intervention and Parenting at Brooklyn College.

Explore CUNY’s online instruction offerings by using CUNY’s Global Search tool, which can search all CUNY institutions by course title, type, general education category, mode of delivery, and more.

The Future of Online Instruction at CUNY

CUNY’s new online instruction initiative will strengthen and expand online courses and programs to accelerate students’ academic progress, to extend CUNY’s reach and bring in new enrollments. The initiative will build upon the aggregate of online offerings throughout the University, taking a shared-services approach and expanding faculty development, student orientation and support, and a University-wide technical infrastructure. More faculty will be trained in the use of rich media (with full ADA compliance), adaptive learning, and analytics. An in-house accelerator for online program development (including project management, instructional design support, quality assurance, and business modeling) will support high-quality, innovative online teaching and learning. Key focuses will be: enhancing access for those who otherwise could not get an education, increasing academic momentum and progress for students already enrolled, encouraging our faculty to engage in the most effective pedagogy, facilitating cross-pollination across our campuses, growing enrollment, and developing platforms that will expand our reach beyond the city boundaries to the rest of the world.