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CUNY is for students at every stage of life. The university offers programs and resources for working adults, military veterans, former CUNY students, first-time college students, and near-completers. Whether starting college for the first time, returning to CUNY after a hiatus, or resuming college after having attended another institution, there are opportunities here for you.


CUNY offers a variety of degree programs specifically designed to meet the academic goals of adult learners. Some provide Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) processes to award academic credit for college-level knowledge gained through work and other experiences.


Apply to CUNY

Information on how to apply to CUNY as an undergraduate student, including application worksheets and deadlines.

Online Courses at CUNY

CUNY’s colleges have a growing catalogue of online and hybrid courses, providing flexibility for students with jobs and other obligations outside the classroom. Fully online degree programs are also available through CUNY’s School of Professional Studies and John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Explore CUNY’s online instruction offerings by using CUNY’s Global Search tool, which can search all CUNY institutions by course title, type, general education category, mode of delivery, and more.

Taking Courses Across CUNY

Students can take courses across the entire university system using CUNY’s e-Permit policy. Explore course offerings at all CUNY colleges using CUNY’s Global Search tool, and learn about CUNY BA, an individualized undergraduate degree program that allows students to use the whole university as their campus.


Union and Employee Tuition Vouchers

Many labor unions and employers offer tuition vouchers or reimbursement programs to their members and employees. Examples include 1199SEIU, UFT, and HCC.


Many of CUNY’s campuses have child-care centers that serve students and their children in developmentally appropriate and culturally diverse early childhood, school age, and infant/toddler programs. Learn more about university resources for students with child-care needs.

Continuing and Professional Education

All CUNY colleges offer continuing education programs geared toward career training and advancement.