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Following the publication of Professor Felipe Pimentel’s policy brief entitled, The Decline of the Puerto Rican Fulltime Faculty at the City University of New York (CUNY) from 1981–2002 in the fall of 2005, Chancellor Goldstein established the CUNY Latino Faculty Initiative to redouble CUNY’s outreach and recruitment efforts within the Latino community in higher education. Headed by Director Arlene Torres, the project has two primary objectives: (1) to undertake outreach and recruitment activities to attract outstanding candidates for faculty positions in all disciplines at CUNY, and (2) to work with CUNY colleges to connect highly qualified candidates to positions open within the CUNY system.

While still within the early stages, the Project endeavors to strengthen CUNY’s efforts in the following areas:

Faculty Recruitment

Actively seek out potential candidates for faculty positions within CUNY as well as establish cooperative relationships with university systems in Latin America

Strengthen the CUNY Pipeline

Increase the pool of Latina(o) undergraduates at CUNY preparing for careers in teaching and strengthen and enhance the opportunities for them to pursue their goal

Faculty Mentoring

Enhance opportunities for mentoring and create an environment that promotes growth and support for faculty en route to tenure

Support for Leadership Development

Recognize and support Latino(a) faculty in CUNY who play a mentorship and leadership role that foster a welcoming environment for junior Latina(o) scholars

Recruitment of Outstanding Scholars

Recruit outstanding Latino(a) scholars to not only serve as mentors , but who also assist in attracting other top quality faculty to CUNY

Support for Puerto Rican, Latina/o, Caribbean, and Latin American Studies

Support CUNY’s programs and departments in Puerto Rican, Latina(o), Caribbean, and Latin American studies to promote an environment that is welcoming and attractive to prospective faculty

The CUNY Latino Faculty Initiative represents part of CUNY’s larger commitment and efforts to promote diversity throughout the university system. For additional information regarding the CUNY Latino Faculty Initiative please contact:

Current Projects

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  • 2013 Puerto Rican Studies Association Biennial Symposium
  • Race and Ethnic Inequality in “Post-Racial America”
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  • The Job Market and Careers in Higher Education
  • 2013 CUNY Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Conference