Clarkson and WilliamnsSandra Clarkson and William H. (Bill) Williams jointly received the 2012 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics Education for their long-term collaborative effort, innovation, and emphasis on evidence-based instruction at Hunter College.

The award was given to Clarkson and Williams in recognition of their exemplary work in overhauling Hunter College’s Elementary Probability and Statistics course (STAT 113).  The course is taken not only by Hunter’s mathematics majors, but also by majors in other programs—among them nursing, psychology, adolescent education, and geographic information systems—and in Spring 2012 drew over 650 students, a typical enrollment total for the course.

Previously taught using traditional methods (e.g. classroom lectures, chalkboards), Clarkson and Williams’ redesigned STAT 113 course makes use of ActivStats, an innovative, multimedia DVD-ROM and software platform for teaching introductory statistics.  STAT 113 students at Hunter now find their course material and sample data online; they learn by working interactively with the instructor and the software.  The course curriculum is also now standardized across the many sections of the course (in Spring 2012 there were 29 sections of STAT 113).  Clarkson and Williams have implemented a training program for all STAT 113 instructors, and have also undertaken rigorous assessment of the course.

Sandra Clarkson

Professor, Hunter College (Mathematics and Statistics)

Sandra Clarkson is currently Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Hunter College. She has been on the faculty at Hunter since September 1974, and recently served as Chair of the Hunter College Senate. Her doctorate is in mathematics education from the University of Georgia. Clarkson has published several papers on teaching mathematics and statistics, and has co-authored nine college-level texts and five books of activities for use in elementary and/or middle school classrooms.

Nationally, she served as Co-Chair of the Joint Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences, a joint committee of seven mathematical and statistical societies, and is on the American Statistical Association’s Committee on Membership, Retention, and Recruitment.

At Hunter, she co-chaired the college’s self-study for Middle States reaccreditation, chaired the Senate Assessment Committee, and served on the Mellon committee to re-envision the school’s general education requirements. Clarkson received the Hunter College Presidential Award for Excellence in Service in 2001.


William H. (Bill) Williams

Professor, Hunter College (Mathematics and Statistics)

Bill Williams is both Professor of Mathematics and Statistics and the Ombudsman at Hunter College. He came to Hunter from the Mathematics and Statistics Research Center at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ.

Williams has published three books and more than 70 papers on statistical methods. He speaks often on statistics education. His current interests are in clinical trials, financial mathematics, and the teaching of statistics. Recently, he spoke on “U.S. Elections: An American Growth Industry.” He is an elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association.

Williams has considerable experience in Washington, serving as chair of advisory committees at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, the Energy Information Agency, and the U.S. Census Bureau. He was on panels at the National Academy of Science and the U.S. Census Bureau which produced “Confidentiality and Accessibility of Government Statistics” and “The Undercount in the 2000 U.S. Census.”