Sandie HanSandie Han

Associate Professor, New York City College of Technology (Mathematics)

Sandie Han is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at New York City College of Technology (City Tech). She received her doctorate from CUNY Graduate Center. She has extensive experience in program administration. She coordinated the College Now high school program, working with high school teachers and students, and tutoring program, working with college students. Currently, she is the program coordinator for Computer Science students. She is actively involved in curriculum and program development in both math and computer science. She also chairs the College Council Student Committee.

Professor Han has several publications on the theory and practice of Self-Regulated Learning, as well as in her research area Additive Number Theory. She has also presented locally, nationally, and internationally on Self-Regulated Learning to college faculty, students, pre-service and in-service secondary school teachers.

Professor Han’s award recognizes her innovative use of self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies in mathematics courses at City Tech. She has been focusing her efforts especially on the first credit-bearing course for students who successfully complete developmental math and the course where students who score just above the cut score on the placement exam begin the math sequence. It is a pre-requisite for all further math courses, and success in this course is imperative for all students studying at City Tech. Her work in SRL started in 1999; since then, she has developed a variety of SRL materials for mathematics courses in collaboration with the faculty and graduate. Data support the effectiveness of SRL techniques in helping students.