The CUNY Math ChallengeSponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs and the CUNY Institute for Software Design and Development (CISDD), and supported by the Office of the Chancellor, the CUNY Math Challenge seeks to identify and reward CUNY’s best math talent. Matriculated CUNY undergraduates are invited to compete for over a dozen cash prizes, ranging from $500 up to a grand prize of $2,500.

Read about this year’s Math Reception honoring student winners of the 2015 Math Challenge and faculty of the inaugural Calculus Boot Camp on the CUNYMath Blog

On Friday, May 13, 2016, awards were presented to the following students:

Grand Prize

  • Zijie Liu, Baruch College
    Zijie Liu is a lower junior in Baruch College. His major is actuarial science and his intended minor is economics. During his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, playing board games with his friends and working on interesting mathematical problems. He would like to thank Mr. Case, his high school math team coach for help and support. He couldn’t win this challenge without Mr. Case’s support.

Second Prize

  • Qinkai Mao, Baruch College
    Qinkai Mao is a junior at Baruch College majoring in Mathematics. He enjoys spending time solving more interesting problems in mathematics and finance, playing the billiard and basketball. His future plans are graduate studies in financial engineering and a career in academics and the financial industry.
  • Menachem Keller, Brooklyn College
    Menachem Keller is a freshman at Brooklyn College. He hasn’t decided whether to major in math or physics. He used to read Martin Gardener’s math puzzle books, which inspired my interest in mathematics.

Third Prize

  • Samuel Hartman, Brooklyn College
    Samuel Hartman would like to thank Diogo Pinheiro and Christian Benes, as well as Noson Yanofsky, Reza Chamanara, Anthony Clement, and Stephen Preston for inspiring him and pushing him to go further and learn more. He would also like to see the Knicks win a championship in his lifetime.
  • Jeremy Shapiro, City College
    Jeremy Shapiro is an applied mathematics major at the City College. He will be taking his first actuarial exam in July. He has a passion for mathematical brain teasers, so if you have any good ones feel free to go ahead and tell him.
  • Yihao Song, City College
    Yihao Song is a senior in City College majoring in Computer Engineering and minor in Mathematics. He likes to spend time in solving math problems. Especially, he likes the logic part of math which starting from axioms and derive theorems. In the future, he may pursue a degree on math if time is allowed.

Fourth Prize

  • Sin Ying Wong, Baruch College
    Sin Ying Wong is a lower senior at Baruch College majoring in Actuarial Science. She enjoys solving interesting math problems, jogging and traveling. She would like to pursue a career in analysis and the insurance industry. She also won the round 2 prize and fifth prize in the 2015 CUNY Math Challenge.
  • Jonathan Hanon, Brooklyn College
    Jonathan Hanon is a senior at Brooklyn College, double majoring in Physics and Computational Mathematics. He is the president of the Mathematics Club. He enjoys using computer programming to solve math problems of all levels.
  • Xinying Wang, Queens College
    Xinying Wang is a freshman in Time 2000 Program at Queens College majoring in Secondary Education of Mathematics. Her future goal is to become a math teacher. She enjoys problem solving and like to challenge herself by solving difficult and interesting math problems.
  • Tao Hong, Queensborough Community College
    Tao Hong is a sophomore at Queensborough Community College majoring in Engineering Science. He likes to read books and 3D printing. He is looking forward to transfer to a four year college and being a material engineer in the future.

Fifth Prize

  • Yifan Hu, Baruch College
    Yifan Hu is a freshman at Baruch College. He would like to peruse a career in finance industry. He has a strong interest in mathematics, which encourages him to learn more about mathematics and to apply these knowledge to issues in the real world.
  • Jerry Lee, Baruch College
    Jerry Lee is a senior at Baruch College. He is majoring in Mathematics and minoring in CIS. His plan is to pursue a PhD in mathematics (most likely probability) after earning his bachelor’s degree
  • Oleksandr Loyko, Brooklyn College
    Oleksandr Loyko is an international student at Brooklyn College from Ukraine. His major is Computer Science and in the future he is planning to work as a software engineer.
  • Allen Kim, City College
    Allen Kim is a junior at City College majoring in Computer Science with minors in Physics and Mathematics. He enjoys learning more about mathematics and working on problem solving. He is the current Vice President of the CCNY Association for Computing Machinery and is involved in other competitions such as the ACM ICPC Algorithms competition. He hopes to attend graduate school and further his knowledge in both mathematics and computer science.
  • Zhaoxiong Pan, City College
    Zhaoxiong Pan is a junior at City College and his major is Electric Engineering. He is from China and has been in NY for three years. He likes to solve some math or physics problems in his spare time. And his hobby is reading.
  • Emaad Khwaja, Honors College
    Emaad Khwaja is majoring in Biochemistry and Mathematics in the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College. He is currently a junior, and hopes to enter an MD/PhD program after completing his undergraduate degree.