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CUNYMath exists to provide CUNY students and faculty with a central location for information about mathematics and resources. CUNYMath includes information regarding math departments, registration, assessment tests, departmental syllabi and more.

CUNYMath Blog

The CUNYMath Blog is a place for all who are interested in mathematics at CUNY—educators, researchers, students, and interested others—to gather and share ideas and resources.

The History of Math at CUNY

CUNY has strong and enduring ties with mathematics: CUNY math majors have gone on to win the Nobel Prize, the Fields Medal, and the National Medal of Science; many of CUNY’s most prominent administrators, including former University Dean of Graduate Studies Mina Rees and Chancellor Emeritus Matthew Goldstein, have backgrounds in mathematics, and many of CUNY’s most celebrated educators, from 19th-century Free Academy graduate and instructor Alfred George Compton to Victor Pan (left) have made their academic homes in CUNY mathematics departments.