The Office of Faculty Affairs aims to work collaboratively with colleagues across the university to ensure that CUNY is a place where faculty are supported and recognized for their essential contributions to our students, the university and their disciplines. Current areas of emphasis include:

  • Faculty development
  • Cultivating academic leadership
  • Reviewing central office policies and procedures with the goal of revising those that hinder the ability of the colleges to recruit, hire and retain faculty
  • Identifying areas where the Office of Academic Affairs can help the colleges address faculty-related issues (e.g., those identified in the recent COACHE survey)

Funding, opportunities, and support for CUNY faculty

Faculty and administrators provide guidance on faculty issues

Faculty development efforts across the university

2015 survey data and the ways in which they are being used across CUNY

Contact Us

Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko, Ph.D.

University Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Phone: 646-664-8068