Data from the Spring 2018 Pilot

Distribution of Applicants and Participants by Race/Ethnicity


Distribution of Applicants and Participants by Gender and College Type

# Applicants# Participants
Senior College5017
Community College84

Participant Feedback

Part I: Indicate agreement with each statement (1 = strongly disagree; 6 = strongly agree)Mean (N=18)
Overall, the program was effective in its stated goal of helping mid-career faculty move toward promotion5.56
The group meetings were valuable in helping me think about the issues involved in moving toward promotion5.47
My mentor was helpful in understanding how promotion works at my college5.18
My mentor’s feedback was valuable in improving my manuscript5.65
The peer reviews from other fellows were valuable in improving my manuscript5.00
I would recommend this fellowship program to others5.53
Participating in this fellowship program was a good use of my time5.47
Part II: Selected Comments
This was the best program I have ever been involved with at CUNY. I regret that I didn’t have this information when I first arrived at CUNY.
The guidance provided by the program leadership and the community of scholars was invaluable.
I hope this is offered again. Minority faculty need all the support possible to move to the rank of Professor.
This program is a total win-win!
It is a lot of work, but pays off. You get to see that ’yes’ you can write during the semester.
I am glad that I applied and was accepted. This has helped me to re-see myself as a professional.
This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about preparing for promotion and get feedback on your papers.

Spring 2018 Pilot Description

CUNY’s strategic framework calls for new strategies to build greater diversity in the faculty.  The 2015 administration of the COACHE faculty satisfaction survey and participants in the workshop series, Moving from Associate to Full Professor, suggest that CUNY’s mid-career faculty want more support for promotion.  In response, the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is pleased to pilot test the CUNY Mid-Career Faculty Fellowship Program in Spring 2018This new program aims to advance CUNY’s goal of retaining and advancing a diverse faculty by providing support and resources to help tenured Assistant and Associate Professors advance their scholarly productivity and move toward promotion.  The program will be led by Professor Juan Battle and University Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko.

Program Goal: Spring 2018 Fellows will submit at least one research-based scholarly article or creative writing project to a peer-reviewed journal by June 15, 2018.

Eligibility:  All applicants must be full-time tenured CUNY Assistant or Associate Professors.

Resources and Support:  Fellows will benefit from the following.

  1. Mentored Writing Groups: Over the course of the Spring 2018 semester, fellows will work on their writing projects in mentored writing groups, which will be comprised of faculty in related disciplinary areas. Groups will meet at least seven times during the semester to provide peer review of their written work. Meetings will be held at the Graduate Center on Fridays from 12:00 – 5:00pm on February 2 and 16, March 9 and 23, April 20 and May 4 and 11.  Lunch will be provided.
  2. Professional Development: Each meeting of the mentored writing groups will begin with topics that are important to promotion. Topics may include time management; balancing scholarship, teaching and service; handling reviewers’ comments efficiently and effectively; and preparing the promotion dossier.
  3. Individual Mentors: For additional mentoring, each fellow will preselect a full professor within their institution who has an excellent record of scholarly/creative productivity and expertise in their disciplinary area. Fellows will meet with their mentors at least every two weeks throughout the semester.
  4. Course Release: Provided that their manuscripts are submitted for external review by June 15, 2018, fellows will receive three credits of course release which they may use in academic year 2018 – 2019.
  5. A community of colleagues across CUNY: This Fellowship Program provides a unique opportunity to connect with and learn from colleagues across the university.


For additional information, including eligibility and application requirements, please download the Spring 2018 application here.

Questions?  Contact University Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko at 646-664-8068 or