COACHE, based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is a consortium of institutional leaders working to improve outcomes in faculty recruitment, development, and retention. COACHE developed and administers the COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey and has published a series of Benchmark Best Practices and Special Reports that feature promising practices from member institutions, including the ways in which COACHE data informed their decisions and strategies.

In spring 2015, the COACHE survey was administered CUNY-wide for the first time. In order to accomplish this, CUNY and the University Faculty Senate worked with COACHE to develop a survey for community college faculty – a first for COACHE. Faculty at all the senior colleges, the Graduate Center and the Law and Journalism Schools and all community colleges except Guttman participated in the survey. Response rates varied from 34% to 65%, with a mean of 47%.

Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Vita Rabinowitz presented the CUNY-wide COACHE results to the University Faculty Senate on December 1, 2015. Her presentation is available for download here.