Blackboard is a web-based course management program that enables students and faculty to participate in online classes and/or utilize online course materials to compliment face-to-face learning. Instructors can provide course materials, quizzes, discussion boards or use a combination of Blackboard and face-to-face interaction to teach students.

Blackboard is fully committed to delivering product experiences that conform to the highest levels of global accessibility standards. Find out more about Blackboard Accessibility and accessibility in Blackboard products.

Blackboard Accessibility Support includes:

  • Design Accessible Content
  • Using Blackboard With a Hearing Impairment
  • Using Blackboard With a Visual Impairment
  • Using Blackboard With a Mobility Impairment
  • Using Blackboard With a Learning Disability

Blackboard recommends using JAWS with FireFox for blind users and has a guide to have a great experience in Blackboard Learn with JAWS. The Blackboard Learn Screen Reader Tutorial (HTML download) provides users that access Blackboard Learn through a screen reader with information to help them use Blackboard Learn successfully. This tutorial describes the layout of Blackboard Learn and the structure of Blackboard pages, as well as instructions for navigation and completing Blackboard tasks.

The Quick Links icon (located in the top left of the interface) opens a list of all the ARIA landmarks, as well as an outline of all content headings on the page you are viewing. Any available keyboard shortcuts for the current tool or page also appear. You can quickly locate any heading or section within any page in the Blackboard Learn application and jump directly to it. Quick Links is specific to the page you are viewing. You can open it at any time with a keyboard shortcut (Shift+Alt+L). This shortcut provides a significant increase in efficiency for users who rely primarily on their keyboards for navigating within the application.

General Information for Students


General Information for Faculty

CUNY has created a Blackboard Course to learn how to get started building online courses that are usable and accessible. It is available via the “Accessibility Training” tab after logging into Blackboard, under the heading “Blackboard Accessibility Course”

The Blackboard course on intro to accessibility is available to learn how to get started building online courses that are usable and accessible.