CUNY contracted in December 2016 with the vendor Akademos to run the new CUNY Virtual Bookstore.

Akademos supports the goal of making its educational technologies accessible to those with disabilities. We are confident in our ability to make our products (including websites and our Course Reader tools) available to all users. Such efforts include using alt-text for all images, using clear-text descriptions for core site functionality rather than design elements, and writing standards-compliant HTML to increase compatibility with screen readers and other devices.

Akademos is continually evaluating the usability of our websites for students with disabilities and every effort will be made to address user requests for enhancements. Our customer service team is always happy to assist students with disabilities, including taking relay calls for deaf or hearing-impaired students.”

Akademos offers course packs which can be made into ebooks via Redshelf for accessibility reasons.

Akademos uses two eBook vendors who provide accessibility information and support.

  1. Redshelf Accessibility Information
  2. Vital Source Accessibility Information