The Technology Accessibility Task Force was created at CUNY Vice-Chancellor and CIO Brian Cohen’s direction to identify and address CUNY IT accessibility generally and to pinpoint standards, best practices, guidelines, and time tables.

Accessibility benefits all users: all current and potential students and consumers of CUNY offerings and services can benefit from accessible courses, information, and tools. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2010 almost 50 million people (about 19 percent of all Americans over age five) reported having a disability.

Approximately 9,000 CUNY students self-identify as having a disability. This is thought to represent only about half of the CUNY student population with disabilities.

Technology Accessibility Task Force Primary Goals and Objectives:

  • —Assess the state of technology accessibility throughout the University
  • —Identify areas and or gaps where changes or improvements are needed
  • —Provide guidance / resources
  • —Help define paths forward

Task Force members includes representatives from the colleges and Central Office, as well as University leaders from key areas such as Information Services, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Services for Students with Disabilities, Legal Counsel, Human Resources, Libraries, and Web Services.

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The CUNY Technology Accessibility Task Force issued Requests for Proposals in April 2016 and January 2017 for projects to enhance IT Accessibility at CUNY. A number of pilot projects with CUNY-wide benefit received funding through CUNY’s Strategic Technology Initiative. Read about the funded projects here.

College representation

Mariette Bates
Academic Director
Disabilities Studies Program
School of Professional Studies

Arthur Downing
Chief Information Officer
Vice President for Information Services
Dean of the Library
Baruch College

Carlos Herrera
Assistant Director
Services for Students with Disabilities
Queensborough Community College

Patricia Kahn
Assistant Vice President for Technology Systems
Dept. of Information Technology
College of Staten Island

Adina Mulliken
Assistant Prof., Reference & Instruction Librarian
Schools of Social Work and Public Health
Hunter College

Raymond Perez
Student Disability Services Manager
Hostos Community College
Co-Chair, CUNY Council on Student Disability Issues

Central Office representation

Caryn Giananti
Senior Research Analyst
Office of Institutional Research

Wendy Lader
Dir, Management Analysis and Communications
Office of Computing and Information Services

Rodney Pepe-Souvenir
Associate Director for Diversity & Compliance
Office of Recruitment & Diversity

Katherine Raymond
Sr. Associate General Counsel
General Counsel’s Office

Ronald Roel
Manager, Creative and Web Services
Office of Communications and Marketing

Joseph Sherman
Accessibility Specialist
Office of Computing and Information Services

Kim Steele
University Director, IT Service Delivery
Office of Computing and Information Services

Ashleigh Thompson
University Dean for Education

Kevin Tucker
University Director of Student Life
Central Office of Student Affairs

Alyssa Vine
Associate Director of Communications
Office of Academic Affairs

Accessibility Website

  • Wendy Lader
  • Joseph Sherman
  • Ronald Roel
  • Jan Mun, Web Services


Assistive Technology

  • Ron Bissessar, Baruch
  • Caryn Giananti
  • Patty Kahn
  • Shivan Mahabir, CUNY CATS & MAP


Outreach and Training

  • Wendy Lader
  • USS student representative
  • Sharon Lerner, Grad School
  • Claudia Colbert, Queens College,
  • Mark Gold, Brooklyn College
  • Dana Trimboli, John Jay

Enterprise-wide Systems

  • Christopher Caprioglio
  • Joseph Sherman
  • Kim Steele



  • Arthur Downing
  • Nancy Egan
  • Adina Mulliken
  • Phylicia Obame Souamy, City College


Online Learning

  • Mariette Bates
  • Christopher Leydon, SPS
  • Antonia Levy, SPS
  • John Currie, City Tech
  • Steve Castellano, Lehman


  • Dan Dolan, John Jay
  • Joanne Gill
  • Heather Leifer



  • Katherine Raymond
  • Sharon Lerner, Grad School
  • Rodney Pepe-Souvenir


University-wide Web Review and Audit

  • Carlos Herrera
  • Joseph Sherman
  • Ronald Roel
  • Ron Bissessar, Baruch

Baruch College

Ron Bissessar
Student Disability Services Manager


Borough of Manhattan Community College

Marcos Gonzalez
Director of the Office of Accessibility


Bronx Community College

Patricia Fleming
Director of Disability Services


Brooklyn College

Mark Gold
AVP for ITS, Chief Technology Officer


City College

Phylicia Obame Souamy
Information Technology Coordinator


City Tech

John Currie
Director of Student Support Services


College of Staten Island

Patricia Kahn
AVP for Technology Systems


Graduate Center

Sharon Lerner
Director of Student Affairs


Guttman Community College

John Stroud
CIO, Office of Information Technology


Hostos Community College

Raymond Perez
Director, Accessibility Resource Center


Hunter College

Gil Giannini
Deputy Head of ICIT


John Jay College

Joe Laub
Chief Information Officer

Dana Trimboli
Senior Director for Student Affairs


Kingsborough Community College

Asif Hussain
Chief Information Officer

LaGuardia Community College

Jhony Nelson
Student Disability Coordinator


Lehman College

Ronald Bergmann
VP/CIO for Information Technology

Steve Castellano
Online Teaching and Learning Technology Specialist

John Dono
Manager, Academic Support Services


Macaulay Honors College

Joseph Ugoretz
Associate Dean, Teaching, Learning and Technology


Medgar Evers College

Anthony Phifer
Coordinator of Services for the Differently-Abled


Queens College

Claudia Colbert
CIO, Office of Information Technology


Queensborough Community College

Carlos Herrera
Assistant Dir., Services for Students with Disabilities


School of Journalism

Dan Reshef
Director of Information Technology


School of Law

Pat Kennedy
Director of Student Services/Student Affairs


School of Professional Studies

Washington R. Hernández
Director of Information Technology


School of Public Health

Mohit Arora
IT Computer Systems Manager


York College

Claudio Lindow
Director of Information Technology