New Course on Accessibility Launched

  • Self-paced, online course on accessibility in Blackboard
  • Created by CUNY faculty for CUNY faculty
  • Learn how to make online courses and materials accessible to all students
  • To enroll in the course, select the Blackboard Accessibility Course link in the Accessibility Training tab within Blackboard
  • For an overview and instructions on accessing the course, play the course overview video.


OAA has put together a Toolkit for Technology Workshops for incoming students with disabilities.



  • Blackboard-based Faculty Accessibility Training (School of Professional Studies): Develop an online, self-paced workshop site in Blackboard for faculty to address accessibility in online education. The creation and implementation of this Blackboard course will be made available to all CUNY campuses.
  • Accessible Teacher Certification Online Training (Lehman College): Assess every aspect of Certification modules for accessibility, including video captioning for all video, alt tags for graphics, check/create PDFs for screen reader/readability. Create CUNY handbook/technical resource guide to help make Blackboard/Softchalk courses and modules accessible. Visit the Lehman College: School of Education Online Accessibility website for all resources and recommendations.
  • Virtual Desktop Interface Universal Design Environment (College of Staten Island): Support the development of a Virtual Desktop Initiative (VDI) that addresses accessibility to software from any workstation on campus with documentation and video tutorials, testing, as well as on-going support for faculty and students.
  • Universal Design and Assistive Technology in CUNY Start (CUNY Start programs at Borough of Manhattan Community College and the College of Staten Island): Incorporate universal design strategies and assistive technology into the CUNY Start reading/writing programs. Track the impact of the initiative and provide information on “lessons learned” for other CUNY Start programs.

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Speech, reading and translation support for online content

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