Access fast, authoritative information and opinions from hundreds of renowned scholars and other experts through City University Experts Service – CUE. To speak with a CUNY expert, email the Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Communications, including details of your query and deadline, or call 646-664-9300.

The Office of Communications and Marketing promotes the achievements of students, faculty and staff of the University, alumni and friends groups, and provides news and information to media outlets and professional-quality multimedia services to the CUNY community in furtherance of the University’s role as New York City’s public institution of higher learning.

The office engages in strategic marketing and communications to support the University and its brand. An array of agency services — editorial, creative design, photography, Web design, audio and video, as well as media relations counsel – are available to assist faculty and staff with communications projects. Our talented team of writers and editors, graphic artists and photographers, podcasters and videographers, Web producers and designers create publications, e-communications and, the Emmy Award-winning Web gateway to all that the University offers. We are committed to responsiveness, quality, creativity and image consistency in all University communications. Read More

The office is a leader in developing integrated Web-based communications technologies and is active in new media. We manage content and design of and other Web-based technologies to inform and engage the CUNY community and the public. These include audio and video podcasting, rss news and sports syndications; e-News, The Daily Brief and other e-mail newsletters and alerts, video streaming and comprehensive events listings at Daily news and feature updates appear on Today’s News at The office manages CUNY Radio, at, the website for the FCC-licensed 10-watt stations at City College, the College of Staten Island and Kingsborough Community College. CUNY Radio produces The Faculty Lecture Series and shows on immigration, sports and University news. The office publishes CUNY Matters, the University’s newsmagazine, six times a year, with an estimated readership of more than 100,000 faculty, staff and friends of the University, and Salute to Scholars, a full-color biannual magazine focused on faculty and student achievements. News releases, advisories, brochures and other publications are created and disseminated by the office.

Media interviews with faculty experts are available through the CUExperts service. The office provides Web and print design services, and maintains an expanding digital archive of 10,000 images, many of them historical, that are available for use by the news media upon request.

The office convenes the Public Relations Officers Council and sponsors University-wide student development programs including the Journalism, Broadcast and New Media Conference & Career Fair, the CUNY/CBS TV Boot Camp and Joblog, a web-based internship/job referral service, as well as the Murray Kempton Awards and Internships in partnership with external news outlets.

For Journalists and the Public

The Office of Communications and Marketing’s media relations team responds to requests for information and comment, releases University news, and coordinates news and information among CUNY administration, colleges and institutes for both external and internal audiences. We provide access to information to ensure that the public is informed about University developments, trends and facts; its breadth of academic programs and research; CUNY faculty, staff and student achievements, and the University’s role as an educational and economic engine of our city, state and nation. Services

For Faculty and Staff

We are always available to advise faculty and staff on communications matters from how to respond to media inquiries, to getting your message out through publications, video and the Web. Our creative teams of writers and editors, graphic artists and photographers, web architects and designers clarify and refine your message via customized posters, ads and annual reports, news releases and newsletters, web pages and video. Your resources also include CUNY’s style sheet and logo manual, to maintain consistency of tone and graphic identity in all University communications. Contact Us