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The City University of New York offers more than 800 Master’s and Doctoral degree programs and 200 Graduate Certificate programs in over 150 fields. There is a CUNY graduate program that is the right fit for you. CUNY is committed to preparing you academically for careers in the Arts, Education, Health, Business, Law, Architecture, Journalism, and the Social and Natural Sciences. U.S. News has recognized our programs in Education, Criminology, English, and Social Work as some of the best in field. New York City will become your classroom as we have campuses located in each borough. Start your search here and open up yourself to endless possibilities.

Program Highlights

Quantitative Methods & Modeling MS: 31.5 – 38.5 credits (Baruch College: Zicklin School of Business)

Zicklin’s Master’s in Quantitative Methods and Modeling equips you with a strong quantitative skill set that lets you take a large amount of data and transform it into clear information that’s critical to an organizations’ decision making process. This degree will provide you with a broad spectrum of basic quantitative skills through required courses that cover the areas of operations research, statistics, and computer information systems; perfect for the economy’s growing reliance on big data.


Bilingual Education Advanced Certificate (College of Staten Island)

The Bilingual Education program is an extension certificate that allows classroom teachers that hold a NYS Initial Teaching Certification (with the exception of TESOL and World Languages) to teach in their original certification area in bilingual classrooms. The courses prepare candidates to deliver literacy and content instruction in both English and a language other than English.


Health Care Management MS: 33 credits (College of Staten Island)

The MS in Healthcare Management focuses on providing a broad base of business knowledge supplemented with targeted material about healthcare management. The degree provides training in valued knowledge and skills as identified in consultation with industry experts. This degree is designed to 1) help newly promoted and rising healthcare professionals to make an effective transition from clinical and technical roles into broader managerial roles, and 2) enable people with an educational or professional background in business to apply business knowledge to the healthcare industry.


Data Science MS: 30 credits (The Graduate Center)

Data has so many applications in today’s world. The Graduate Center offers a broad selection of elective courses that focus on some of the most exciting and widespread applications. During this program you will analyze vast amounts of data which include artificial intelligence, social network analysis and much more.


Data Analysis and Visualization MS: 30 credits (The Graduate Center)

The Graduate Center’s Data Analysis and Visualization program combines analysis and visualization — two practices closely aligned in practice but rarely taught together.  Students will take classes in the following three areas; data analysis, data visualization and data studies. The program helps students gain practical skills in working with data and theoretical skills to anticipate the future use of data in society, and to understand the possibilities, implications, and limitations of data.


Cognitive Neuroscience MS: 32 credits (The Graduate Center)

The M.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Graduate Center — the only program of its kind in the United States — positions you to meet the increasing demands of today’s fast-growing careers in health, technology, business, and education. In this multidisciplinary program, you will explore the biology behind the way we make decisions, use language, form memories, pay attention, and perceive the world around us. You will gain marketable skills in statistics and data analysis through classroom experience and research. A master’s thesis involving empirical research compliments your classroom learning.


International Migration Studies MA: 30 credits (The Graduate Center)

The M.A. Program in International Migration Studies at the Graduate Center prepares you for growing and exciting opportunities to work with and advocate on behalf of international migrants and refugees, who are facing a rising tide of racism and xenophobia. You will examine how policies shape migrants’ experiences, and you will analyze the social, cultural, economic, and political ramifications of international migration in the United States and beyond. Studying international migration in New York City offers opportunities to learn about a diverse array of immigrant communities. Here, you will have extraordinary access to organizations that are at the forefront of immigration outreach, services, research, policy, and advocacy.


Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences MS: 30 credits (The Graduate Center)

Data analysis is driving research and decision-making in every social science field and sector. The M.S. in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences at the Graduate Center prepares students from a variety of backgrounds for a data-driven future. You will gain hands-on experience in using specialized software to acquire, manage, and assess real-world data, and will have opportunities to present your findings. Program graduates are prepared to excel in a variety of areas, including policy-making and analysis, marketing, research, evaluation, social services, technology, media, health care, and education. You will also be well positioned for further doctoral study.


Childhood Special Education: Severe/Multiple Disabilities (including Deaf Blindness) MSEd: 37-56 credits (Hunter College)

This graduate program prepares students to teach in Childhood Special Education environments, including self-contained and inclusion settings. Graduates from the severe/multiple disabilities program will be able to serve in such roles as specialized teachers of learners with severe disabilities, including deaf blindness; inclusion support providers; and as collaborative team teachers with general education teachers in public and private schools, private agencies, hospitals and clinics. This program leads to certification in Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6 and an extension annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities.

The master’s degree in Childhood Special Education: Severe/Multiple Disabilities offers two programs. Program 1 (Academic Plan: CSED-MSED) is for those who do not hold NYS certification and leads to dual certification in childhood education and students with disabilities grades 1-6. Program 2 (Academic Plan: CSEDD-MSED) is for those who hold NYS certification and leads to single certification in students with disabilities grades 1-6.


Adolescent Mathematics Professional Certificate MA: 30 credits (Hunter College)

This program provides advanced coursework in methods of teaching mathematics, as well as coursework in mathematics focused on the needs of secondary teachers. It is intended for teachers holding initial certification in mathematics 7-12 and leads to professional certification in adolescent mathematics. It is also intended for teachers who already hold professional or permanent certification and who are seeking to further their knowledge/skills, and gain additional graduate credits. Teachers holding initial, permanent or professional certification in adolescent mathematics may apply to this program. Students who do not hold New York State certification in mathematics should refer to the Adolescent Mathematics program, which leads to initial certification.

The program is designed to increase students’ pedagogical and content knowledge in mathematics. Coursework includes courses in the School of Education and in the Mathematics Department of the School of Arts & Sciences.


Professional Certification in Special Education (Advanced Preperation) MSEd: 30 credits (Hunter College)

This master’s degree program (Academic Plan: SEAPR-MSED) is designed to provide advanced training to certified special education teachers who need graduate work leading to a master’s degree for professional certification in special education. It is also designed for those with special education certification who are seeking to further their knowledge/skills and gain an additional age-level certificate (birth to grade 2 or grades 1-6).

This program offers three tracks:

  • Learning Disabilities (SEAPRLD): Those seeking professional certification in Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6 with a concentration in Learning Disabilities.
  • Behavior Disorders (SEAPRBD): Those seeking professional certification in Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6 with a concentration in Behavior Disorders.
  • Early Childhood Special Education (SEAPRECSE): Those seeking professional certification in Students with Disabilities Birth to Grade 2.


Computer Science MS (Hunter College)

Coming soon Fall 2018


International Crime and Justice MA: 36 credits (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

The Master of Arts in International Crime and Justice at John Jay College prepares students from around the world to address the challenges posed by the growing phenomenon of international crime. Students will develop a deep understanding of the nature and impact of international crime and the domestic and international responses to it. Graduates of the program will enter the job market equipped with advanced, substantive knowledge and the analytical and research skills necessary to pursue careers in Comparative Policing, Counterterrorism, Environmental Criminology, Criminal Analysis, International Human Rights, Financial Crimes/Financial Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, and Anti-Corruption among others.


Emergency Management (ONLINE) MS: 36 credits (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

The Master of Science in Emergency Management program prepares students for responsible positions and leadership in public, non-profit, and private organizations. The program includes preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating future losses from the broad range of threats including natural and public health hazards and man-made or technological events. The program includes courses in emerging technologies, legal and organizational frameworks, and necessary knowledge to design and implement effective programs to reduce the toll that disasters and other emergencies take on individuals, organizations, and society in complex urban environments. This program is consistent with the College’s long-standing mission in public safety, and graduate emergency management courses already offered at the College.


Security Management (ONLINE) MS: 36 credits (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

The Master of Security Management provides a focused examination of practices and procedures unique to supervision in the private security industry.  The degree targets those already employed in private security and those who seek the long range opportunities in an industry and occupation that is economically lucrative and professionally rewarding.  The course of study stresses traditional topical coverage in security studies including management, risk analysis and the role of technology in private sector protection programs.  In addition, the program delivers some innovative conceptual analysis of the private security industry with its stress on homeland defense and security protocols, the phenomenon and undeniable trend of privatization on the public justice model and a strong emphasis on critical infrastructure.


Economics MA: 36 credits (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

The Master of Arts in Economics at John Jay provides students with a comprehensive and rigorous education in applied, pluralist economics. It is one of a handful of graduate programs in the country that focuses primarily on issues of economic justice such as economic democracy, diversity, inequality, sustainability and community development. Students at John Jay will study the history of economics and economic thought, the economics of gender, environmental sustainability, local and international economic development, and global inequalities of income and wealth, while acquiring essential technical skills such as writing and data analysis valued by practitioners in the field.


Human Rights MA (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

This master’s program provides students with a thorough understanding of human rights law and theory and the practical skills necessary to translate this understanding into practice. Students completing the program will be able to demonstrate understanding of substantive concepts in the scholarly and practical field of human rights, conduct methodological research, and engage in practice-oriented work, such as fact-finding, report-writing, media outreach, and advocacy.


Behavioral Neuroscience MA: 37 credits (Queens College)

The mission of this program is to allow promising Masters graduate students to engage in intensive, research-based study within the quickly expanding field of Behavioral Neuroscience. The program is designed to enhance students’ chances of being admitted into highly-competitive doctoral training programs in Behavioral Neuroscience and other Neuroscience-related fields, and to increase chances of employment within the private sector as Research Assistants/Associates trained in Neuroscience and Neuroscience-related fields.


Italian Culture for the 21st Century Advanced Certificate: 18 credits (Queens College)

The program focuses on the study of “Made in Italy” a phenomenon that is a result of the intersection of arts and culture, technology and industry. It is a gateway to studying Italian in a contemporary and international context. An internship program with the Italian trade commission is available to students enrolled in the program.


Media Studies MA: 30 credits (Queens College)

This Media Studies degree combines theory, practice and real-world engagement. Students of this program make up a community of activists, artists and researchers working to effect social change through media, as well as understanding the impact of media and technology on culture and society. Coursework introduces theoretical and practical methodologies spanning a range of critical areas including race and gender issues, urban development, economic and social justice, political activism, environmental responsibility, ethnicity, cognitive liberty, commodity culture, and cultural identity.


Exercise Science Specialists MS: 36 credits (Queens College)

The MS degree program with specialization in nutrition offers a sequence of courses that enhance the clinical background of dietitians and nutritionists who work with clients in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, community programs, schools, wellness programs, and governmental and privately funded programs. The program offers opportunities for in-depth study through didactic learning, hands-on clinical and field experience, and the development and completion of individual research projects.


Art Studio MFA: 54 credits (Queens College)

MFA students concentrate in areas that include photography, installation, media, painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics. Or, go beyond traditional studio arts with Social Practice Queens (SPQ), a concentration in social practice that is the only program of its kind on the East Coast.

  • Use the arts to creatively activate social change
  • Study in an MFA program that intersects with many other disciplines—environmental studies, social justice, public policy, urban studies, media studies, and more.


Math and Bilingual Education (Grades: 7-12) MSEd: 30 credits (Queens College)

This MSEd program is designed for students who have attained an initial certification in mathematics (grades 7-12) and are themselves proficient in a Language Other Than English (LOTE) who wish to gain professional certification as mathematics teachers as well as a bilingual extension. The program provides coursework in education, mathematics education and bilingual education as well as guided field experiences to prepare these teachers for the special challenges of teaching mathematics to English language learners who are bilinguals in mainstream as well as bilingual classrooms.


Law and International Relations JD/MIA: 33 credits (CUNY School of Law/City College)

This dual program between CUNY Law and City College’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership in Law and International Affairs combines CUNY Law’s JD program in public interest law with Colin Powell School’s internationally recognized scholarship. The program prepares students for careers in national and international governments, multi-national/transnational corporations, international NGOs, and human rights organizations and enhances their abilities to function as social justice lawyers in an increasingly globalized environment.


Forensic Psychology and Law MA/JD (CUNY School of Law/John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

The CUNY Law School and John Jay College of Criminal Justice have teamed to offers a 30 credits dual-degree program in forensic psychology and law.  The collaboration of the two programs supports a combined mission of “Law in the service of human and psychological needs, fiercely advocating for justice,” and is expected to result in highly trained and specialized attorneys/psychologists who can make significant contributions to the fields of law, forensic psychology, and public policy.


Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity MS: 33 – 39 credits (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)

This master’s program prepares students to be qualified professionals as digital forensic scientists who understand the scientific, legal and criminal justice context of high technology crime, and who can effectively communicate their knowledge to others.


MS Business Intelligence & Data Analysis: 33 credits (Brooklyn College)

This new Intelligence and Date Analysis specialization in the business administration degree is designed for students interested in a career in applied statistical analysis or business analytics.


Race and Criminal Justice- Adv. Cert.: 12 credits (John Jay College)

This Advanced Certificate in Race and Criminal Justice offers advanced instruction on contemporary law and history of racial oppression in four critical areas of expertise: law, criminology, policing, and penology. The program is appropriate for students who wish to engage in research, become public or private security professionals at local, state or federal levels, or join U.S. agencies concerned with civil rights and criminal justice.


Rehabilitation Counseling: MSEd: 40 credits (Hunter College)

This master’s degree program prepares professionals in vision rehabilitation therapy to work with individuals with visual impairments.


Translational Organized Crime Studies- Adv. Cert.: 12 credits (John Jay College)

This Advanced Certificate in Transnational Organized Crime Studies (ACTOCS) offers advanced instruction on the nature, dynamics, causes, and control of those crime phenomena that pose a challenge to more than one country and call for international cooperation. It examines the nature and etiology of established as well as emerging transnational organized criminal groups and criminal activities. The program is appropriate for students who wish to engage in research, join law enforcement agencies at national or international levels, or seek employment at public or private international organizations.


Visual Art Education MAT: 39-42 credits (Queens College)

This Masters of Arts in Teaching program is designed for those that want to work in secondary school and community settings. The program fulfills Initial Certification requirements in a content area, MAT degree requirements and Professional Certification requirements in a content or related area.


Master of Social Work (York College)

The M.S.W. Program at CUNY York College seeks to recruit and prepare scholars from the diverse surrounding communities to become highly educated, skilled, culturally competent and compassionate professionals so they can provide highly competent services to underserved urban areas. The program also maintains a strong emphasis on meeting the needs of clients within health care agencies and organizations compatible with the social work profession’s mission to create a just and equitable world for the future of humanity.


Research Administration and Compliance MS ONLINE: 30 credits (School of Professional Studies)

The MS in Research Administration and Compliance online degree program creates a clear, attainable career path for research administration and compliance staff to become competent, highly skilled leaders in a short amount of time. The program guides professionals to make effective business decisions for their research enterprises.


Nursing Informatics MS ONLINE: 45 credits (School of Professional Studies)

The M.S. in Nursing Informatics program prepares Nurse Informaticists who are able to integrate nursing science, computer science and information science to better manage and communicate information, data and knowledge to promote the health of people, families, and communities.The program will culminate with a practicum, which will include a placement in a nursing information technology setting.


City College School of Architecture is the only public school of architecture in New York City. Its emphasis on the urban environment as the most important generator of ideas makes it unique among the constellation of architecture schools in New York and the surrounding region.

Architecture & Design Offered at:
ArchitectureMArch I & II: City
Landscape ArchitectureMLA I & II: City
Urban Planning & DesignMUP: City, Hunter
Urban Planning & LawMUP/JD: Hunter/Brooklyn Law School

CUNY offers over 35 degree options for those pursuing careers in Accounting, Business Administration, Corporate Communication, Economics and much more. Our degree options vary from MBA, MS, MPS, PhD to advanced certificate.

Business & CommunicationsOffered at:
AccountingMS: Baruch, Brooklyn, CSI, Hunter, Lehman, Queens; MBA: Baruch
Arts AdministrationMA: Baruch
Branding & Integrated CommunicationMPS: City
BusinessPhD: GC/Baruch
Business AdministrationMBA: Baruch; MS: Brooklyn
Business Administration & LawMBA/JD: Baruch/Brooklyn Law School, Baruch/NY Law School
Business Analytics of Large-Scale DataAdv. Cert.: CSI
Business FinanceMS: Lehman
Business Human Resources MS: Lehman
Business Intelligence & Data AnalysisMS: Brooklyn
Business ManagementMS: CSI
Business Management & LeadershipMS: SPS (Online)
Corporate CommunicationMA: Baruch
Data Analytics & Applied Social ResearchMA: Queens
Data SciencesMS: SPS (Online)
Economics MA: City, Hunter, John Jay; MBA: Baruch; PhD: GC
Economic AnalysisMS: Brooklyn
EntrepreneurshipMS: Baruch
FinanceExecutive MS: Baruch; MS: Baruch, Brooklyn
Financial EngineeringMS: Baruch
Financial Risk ManagementMS: Baruch
Forensic AccountingAdv. Cert.: John Jay
General BusinessMBA: Baruch; MS: Brooklyn
Global BusinessMS: Brooklyn
Health AdministrationExecutive MBA: Baruch
Industrial & Labor RelationsExecutive MS: Baruch
Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMS: Baruch
Information SystemsMBA: Baruch; MS: Baruch, Brooklyn
ManagementAdv. Cert.: SPS
MarketingExecutive MS: Barcuh; MBA: Baruch; MS: Baruch
Pharmaceutical Science & BusinessMS: York
Project ManagementAdv. Cert.: SPS (Online)
Real EstateMBA: Baruch; MS: Baruch
Risk ManagementMS: Queens
Sport ManagementMS: Brooklyn
StatisticsMS: Baruch
Sustainability in the Urban EnvironmentMS: City
TaxationMS: Baruch

As the only publicly funded law school in New York City, the CUNY School of Law trains lawyers dedicated to working in public interest. With their integrated curriculum and clinical offerings such as Community & Economic Development, Criminal Defense, Economic Justice, Elder Law, Immigrant and Non-Citizen Rights, International Women’s Human Rights, and Mediation; CUNY School of Law ranks #3 in the country for the best clinical training.

Criminal JusticeOffered at:
Crime Prevention & AnalysisAdv. Cert.: John Jay
Crime InvestigationAdv. Cert.: John Jay (Online)
Criminal JusticeMA: John Jay; MS: John Jay (Online); PhD: GC
Forensic Psychology & LawMA/JD: Law/John Jay; MA/JD: John Jay/ NYLS
Forensic ScienceMS: John Jay
Immigration LawAdv. Cert.: SPS (Hybrid)
International Crime & JusticeMA: John Jay
Protection ManagementMS: John Jay
Race & Criminal JusticeAdv. Cert.: John Jay
Security ManagementMS: John Jay (Online)
TerrorismAdv. Cert.: John Jay (Online)

CUNY offers over 70 programs in education including advanced certificates and the MSEd. These programs consist of preparing professionals for teaching adolescent to secondary education, special education, and fulfilling administrative roles such as School District Leaders and School Building Leaders.

EducationOffered at:
Adolescent/Secondary Education MA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter; MAT: Brooklyn; MSEd: City, CSI; Adv. Cert.: City, Hunter
Adolescent Special Education Generalist (Grades 7-12)MSEd: Hunter; Adv. Cert.: Hunter
Applied Behavior AnalysisMA: Hunter, Queens; Adv. Cert.: Hunter;
Applied Music & Music Teaching (Grades P-12)MAT: Lehman
Art Education: (Grades P-12)MA: City
Art Teacher MA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Lehman; MSEd: Queens; Adv. Cert.: Brooklyn, Queens
Autism Spectrum DisordersAdv. Cert.: Brooklyn, CSI
Bilingual Childhood Special EducationMSEd: Brooklyn, City, Lehman
Bilingual Counselor EducationAdv Cert.: Lehman
Bilingual Education for Pupil Personnel or Intensive Teach InstituteAdv. Cert.: Hunter, Queens
Bilingual Extension for all NYS Certification typesAdv. Cert.: Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Lehman, Queens
Bilingual Extension for Early Childhood/ ElementaryMAT: City; MSEd: Hunter, Lehman; Adv. Cert.: Hunter
Bilingual Special Education (Grades 1-6) & (Grades 7-12)MSEd: City
Biology Teacher (Grades 7-12)MA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter; MAT: Queens; MSEd: CSI, Queens; Adv. Cert.: City, Hunter, Queens
Chemistry (Grades 7-12)MA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter; MAT: Queens; MSEd: Queens; Adv. Cert.: City, Hunter, Queens
Child Development PsychologyPost-Master’s Cert.: Queens
Childhood Education MSEd: Brooklyn, CSI, Hunter, Queens; MAT: Queens
Childhood Education Bilingual (Grades 1-6)MSEd: Queens, MAT: Queens
Childhood Education with Bilingual ExtensionMSEd: Lehman
Childhood Education with Specialization in STEMMSEd: Hunter
Children’s LiteraturePost-Master’s Cert.: Queens
Chinese Teacher (Grades 7-12)MA: Hunter; Adv. Cert.: Queens
Dance Education MA: Hunter
Disability Services in Higher EducationMS: SPS (Online)
Early Childhood/Childhood ElementaryMSEd: Brooklyn, City, CSI, Lehman
Early Childhood Education (Grades B-2)MSEd: Hunter, Queens; MAT: Queens; Post-Master’s Cert.: Queens; Adv. Cert.: Hunter
Early Childhood Special EducationMSEd: Hunter; Adv. Cert.: Hunter
Early Intervention & ParentingAdv. Cert.: Brooklyn (Online)
Earth Science TeacherMA: City, Hunter; Adv. Cert.: City, Hunter, Queens; MAT: Brooklyn, Queens; MSEd: Queens; Initial Adv. Cert.: Queens
Educational LeadershipMSEd: Brooklyn; Adv. Cert.: City, Hunter, Lehman; Post-Master’s Cert.: CSI
Educational Leadership (School Building/School District Leadership)MSEd: City, Hunter; Post-Master’s Adv. Cert.: City
Educational PsychologyMA: Hunter; PhD: GC
Educational Theatre (Grades P-12)MSEd: City; Adv. Cert: City
Elementary Math SpecialistMSEd: Hunter
English as a Second LanguageMA: Hunter; MS: City; Adv. Cert.: City
English Education (Grades 7-12)MA: City; Post-Master’s Cert.: City
English Language TeachingMA: City; Adv. Cert.: Queens
English Teacher (Grades 7-12)MA: Brooklyn, City, CSI, Hunter; MAT: Queens; MSEd: CSI, Lehman, Queens; Adv. Cert.: Hunter, Lehman, Queens; Post-Master’s Cert.: City
Family & Consumer Science EducationMSEd: Queens; Adv. Cert.: Queens
French Teacher (Grades 7-12)MA: Brooklyn, Hunter; MSEd: Queens; Adv. Cert.: Hunter, Queens
Gifted EducationAdv. Cert.: Hunter; Extension Certificate: Lehman (Online)
Health Teacher (Grades 7-12)MSEd: Brooklyn, Lehman
Higher Education AdministrationMSEd: Baruch
Instructional LeadershipEd.D.: Hunter
Italian Teacher (Grades 7-12)MA: Hunter; Adv. Cert.: Hunter, Queens; MSEd: Queens
Language Minority EducationPost-Master’s Cert.: Queens
Latin Teacher (Grades 7-12)MA: Hunter; Adv. Cert.: Hunter
Literacy (Grades: B-6 & 5-12) MSEd: City, Hunter, Lehman, Queens; Post-Master’s Cert.: Queens
Literacy & Special Education (Grades 1-6) Dual DegreeMSEd: Lehman
Math EducationMA: City, Hunter; MAT: Queens; MSEd: Brooklyn, CSI, Lehman, Queens; Adv. Cert.: Lehman, Queens; Post-Master’s Cert.: City, Hunter, Queens
Middle Childhood Extension (Grades 5-6)Adv. Cert.: Lehman
Middle School EducationMA: Brooklyn; MSEd: Brooklyn, City
Middle School Education: Science & Mathematics (Grades 5-9)MSEd: City
Music Teacher MA: Brooklyn, Hunter; MAT: Lehman; MSEd: Queens; Adv. Cert.: Brooklyn, Queens
Physical EducationMSEd: Brooklyn, Queens; Adv. Cert.: Queens
Physics (Grades 7-12)MA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter; Adv. Cert.: City, Hunter, Queens; MSEd: Queens; MAT: Queens
Play Therapy Adv. Cert.: Brooklyn
Recreation EducationMSEd: Lehman
School Building & School District Leader Dual Cert.Post-Master’s Cert.: CSI
School Building Leader MSEd: Brooklyn, City, Lehman; Post-Master’s Cert.: Queens; Adv. Cert.: Baruch
School CounselingMSEd: Brooklyn, Hunter, Lehman, Queens; Adv. Cert.: Brooklyn
School District LeaderMSEd: Brooklyn; Post-Master’s Cert.: CSI, Queens; Adv. Cert.: Baruch, Hunter
School PsychologistMSEd: Brooklyn, Queens; Adv. Cert.: Brooklyn
Science EducationMA: City, Hunter; MSEd: Brooklyn, Lehman; Adv. Cert.: Lehman, Hunter; Post-Master’s Cert.: City, Hunter, Queens
Social Studies Teacher MA: Brooklyn, City, CSI, Hunter; MsEd: CSI, Lehman, Queens; Adv. Cert.: Lehman, Queens; Post-Master’s Cert.: City, Hunter, Queens
Spanish Teacher (Grades: 7-12)MA: Brooklyn, Hunter, Lehman; MSEd: City; Adv. Cert.: Hunter, Queens; MSEd: Queens; Adv. Cert.: City
Special EducationMSEd: Brooklyn, City, CSI, Hunter, Lehman, Queens; Post-Master’s Cert.: Queens; Adv. Cert.: City, Lehman
Speech & Hearing/Language DisabilitiesMA: Lehman; MS: Hunter
Teachers of the Blind & Visually Impaired MSEd: Hunter
Teachers of the Deaf & Hard of HearingMSEd: Hunter
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Adult Learners)MSEd: CSI; MA: Hunter
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Grades: P-12)MA: Hunter; MS: City; MSEd: CSI, Lehman, Queens; Adv. Cert.: CSI, Lehman; Post-Master’s Cert.: Queens
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Elementary Bilingual EducationPost-Master’s Cert.: Queens
Teaching Languages Other than EnglishMA: Hunter; Adv. Cert.: Lehman; Post-Master’s Cert: Hunter
Teaching Students with DisabilitiesMSEd: Brooklyn
Urban EducationPhD: GC

CUNY recognizes the need for a competitive edge in our globalized and high-tech marketplace by offering innovative programs in Engineering, Computer Science and Technology. Our programs include Biomedical, Chemical, and Civil Engineering to the study of Digital Forensic and Cyber-security, Data Analytics, and Computer Information Systems.

Engineering, Computer Science, & Technology Offered at:
Biomedical EngineeringMS: City; PhD: City
Chemical EngineeringME: City; PhD: City
Civil Engineering (Environmental, Structures, Transportation)ME: City; PhD: City
Computer EngineeringMS: City
Computer Information Systems ManagementMS: Brooklyn, City
Computer ScienceMA: Hunter, Queens; MS: Brooklyn, City, CSI, Lehman; PhD: GC
Computer Science: Applied Digital Forensic ScienceAdv. Cert.: John Jay
Computer Science for Digital ForensicsAdv. Cert.: John Jay
Data Analytics MS: SPS (Online)
Digital Forensics & CybersecurityMS: John Jay
Earth Systems, Environmental Science & Technology MS: City
Electrical EngineeringME: City, CSI; PhD: City
GeoinformaticsMS: Hunter
Information SystemsMBA: Baruch; MS: Baruch, Brooklyn
Mechanical EngineeringME: City; PhD: City
Sustainability in the Urban EnvironmentMS: City
Translational Medicine MS: City

Film and Media offerings include programs in Cinema and Media Arts/Studies. Students will undertake a challenging two-year curriculum that spans core knowledge in media history, theory and criticism, to develop research, writing, and media-making skills in preparation for careers in academia, the arts, or media-related professions. Brooklyn College’s Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema is the first public film school in New York City as well as the only film school in America to be built on a working film lot. Feirstein is housed at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, the largest sound stage complex on the East Coast and home to many movie and television productions.

Film & Media Offered at:
Cinema/Film MA: Brooklyn, CSI; MFA: Brooklyn, City
CinematographyMFA: Brooklyn
Digital Animation & Visual EffectsMFA: Brooklyn
DirectingMFA: Brooklyn
Integrated Media ArtsMFA: Hunter
Media ScoringMFA: Brooklyn
Media StudiesMS: Brooklyn
Media Studies/Media ArtsMA: CSI; Adv. Cert.: Brooklyn
MFA Film ProgramMFA: City
Performance & Interactive Media ArtsMFA: Brooklyn; Adv. Cert.: Brooklyn
Post-ProductionMFA: Brooklyn
ProducingMFA: Brooklyn
ScreenwritingMFA: Brooklyn
Television ProductionMFA: Brooklyn

Our programs in Health Science and Administration focuses on preparing professionals in the fields of teaching, research, and public service that promote the advancement of public health. Examples of our programs are Audiology, Community Health, Clinical Nurse Leader and many more. Degree options vary from MA, MS, PhD to advanced certificates.

Health Science & Health Administration Offered at:
Adult-Gerontological Health NursingMS: CSI; DNP: CSI; Post-Master’s Cert.: CSI
AudiologyAuD: GC
Biotechnology & Public Health MA: Hunter
Community HealthMA: Brooklyn
Community Health EducationMA: Brooklyn; MPH: GSPHHP
Community, Society & HealthDPH: GSPHHP
Cytotechnology Adv. Cert.: Hunter
Exercise & Sport ScienceMS: Brooklyn
Health Education & PromotionMA: Lehman
Health InformaticsMS: Brooklyn
Medical Laboratory TechnologyAdv. Cert.: Hunter
NursingMS: CSI, Hunter, Lehman; Adv. Cert.: CSI, Hunter; DNP: CSI, Hunter; DNS: GC; PhD: GC; Post-Master’s Cert.: CSI, Lehman
Nursing AdministrationAdv. Cert.: Lehman
Nursing EducationMS: SPS (Online)
Nursing Organizational LeadershipMS: SPS (Online)
NutritionMS: Brooklyn, Hunter, Lehman, Queens
Nutrition & Exercise ScienceMS: Queens
Physical TherapyDPT: CSI, Hunter
Physician Assistant StudiesMS: City, York
Speech-Language-Hearing SciencesPhD: GC
Speech-Language PathologyMA: Lehman, Queens; MS: Brooklyn, Hunter
Translational MedicineMS: City

CUNY offers courses in Classics, History and Philosophy where students will receive a broad, comprehensive understanding of the world. This program will help shape you into an astoundingly well-rounded individual and also assist you in whatever career you choose to pursue.

Humanities Offered at:
Arts AdministrationMA: Baruch
Art HistoryMA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Queens; PhD: GC
Art History: Museum Studies MA: City
Art History: Museum EducationMA: City
ClassicsMA: GC; PhD: GC
Comparative LiteratureMA: GC; PhD: GC
Creative WritingMFA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Queens
Curatorial StudiesAdv. Cert.: Hunter
EnglishMA: Brooklyn, CSI, Hunter, Lehman, Queens; PhD: GC
English: Language and LiteracyMA: City
English Literature MA: City, Lehman
FrenchMA: Brooklyn, Hunter, Queens; PhD: GC
Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Literatures and LanguagesPhD: GC
HistoryMA: Brooklyn, City, CSI, Hunter, Lehman, Queens; PhD: GC
ItalianMA: Hunter, Queens
Judaic StudiesMA: Brooklyn
Liberal StudiesMA: CSI, GC, Lehman, Queens
PhilosophyMA: GC; PhD: GC
SpanishMA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Lehman, Queens
Urban StudiesMA: SPS
Women’s & Gender StudiesMA: GC

The course of study for the M.A. in Journalism degree is challenging and requires full-time attendance. Students complete 45 credits of coursework in three semesters over 16 months, participate in a required comprehensive summer internship, and produce a substantial final or capstone project. The curriculum is built upon a core of seven common courses, followed by a wide range of courses in different media formats and options for subject matter concentrations.

Journalism Offered at:
JournalismMA: GSJ
Journalism- EntrepreneurialMA: GSJ; Adv. Cert.: GSJ
Journalism- SocialMA: GSJ
Journalism- SpanishMA: GSJ

As the only publicly funded law school in New York City, the CUNY School of Law trains lawyers dedicated to working in public interest. With their integrated curriculum and clinical offerings such as Community & Economic Development, Criminal Defense, Economic Justice, Elder Law, Immigrant and Non-Citizen Rights, International Women’s Human Rights, and Mediation; CUNY School of Law ranks #3 in the country for the best clinical training.

LawOffered at:
Law JD: Law
Law & International AffairsMIA/JD: Law/City
Law & Public AccountabilityMPA/JD: Law/John Jay

Queens College is the only college that offers the Library Science Program in CUNY. This program prepares graduates for employment and services in a diverse, global and rapidly changing information society now and in the future. Graduates are able to demonstrate appropriate competencies and to articulate ethical values as defined by IT Professional organizations and other stakeholder communities. A degree in Library Science maintains a rigorous yet flexible curriculum that reflects the changing needs of its constituency through ongoing assessment and revision.

Library ScienceOffered at:
Archive & Records Management Initial Adv. Cert.: Queens
Child & Young Adult Services in the Public LibraryInitial Adv. Cert.: Queens
Duel Program in Library Science & HistoryMA/MLS: Queens
Library ScienceMLS: Queens; Post-Master’s Cert.: Queens
Library Media SpecialistMLS: Queens; Adv. Cert.: Queens
Library Media Specialist for Certified TeachersMLS: Queens

CUNY offers programs at various colleges such as CSI, Brooklyn, John Jay, Hunter and Queens College. These programs prepare graduates for professional careers in fields such as Mental Health and Grief Counseling, Neuroscience and Psychology.

Mental Health & Psychology Offered at:
Applied Behavior AnalysisMA: Queens; Adv. Cert.: Queens
Clinical Mental Health CounselingMA: CSI
Experimental PsychologyMA: Brooklyn
Forensic PsychologyMA: John Jay; Post-Master’s Cert.: John Jay
Forensic Psychology and LawMA/JD: John Jay/ New York Law School; Law/ John Jay
Grief CounselingAdv. Cert.: Brooklyn
Industrial/Organizational PsychologyMA: Brooklyn; MBA: Baruch; MS: Baruch
Mental Health CounselingMA: Baruch, Brooklyn, City, John Jay (Forensic); MSEd: Hunter; MS: Queens
Neuroscience and Developmental DisabilitiesMS: CSI
PsychologyMA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Queens, SPS (Online); PhD: GC (14 subprograms)
Rehabilitation CounselingMSEd: Hunter

CUNY offers over 35 degree options in Art and Performing Arts, including MFA’s in Art History, Studio Art and MMus’s in Performance, Chamber Music, Jazz Studies and much more.

Performing ArtsOffered at:
ActingMFA: Brooklyn
Applied TheatreMA: SPS
ArtMA: Lehman; MFA: Brooklyn, Hunter, Lehman
Art Administration MA: Baruch
Art CeramicsMFA: Lehman
Art Digital MediaMFA: Lehman
Art GraphingMFA: Lehman
Art HistoryMA: Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Queens; PhD: GC
Art History: Museum Studies MA: City
Art PaintingMFA: Lehman
Art PrintmakingMFA: Lehman
Art SculptureMFA: Lehman
Art StudioMFA: Queens
Curatorial StudiesAdv. Cert.: Brooklyn
Design & Technical ProductionMFA: Brooklyn
Digital & Interdisciplinary Art Practice MFA: City
Fine Arts- Studio ArtMFA: City
Museum EducationAdv. Cert.: Brooklyn
MusicDMA: GC; MA: Brooklyn, Hunter, Lehman, Queens; MMus: Brooklyn, Queens; PhD: GC; Adv. Cert.: Brooklyn, Queens; Adv. Diploma: Brooklyn, Queens
Sonic ArtsMFA: Brooklyn
Performance & Interactive Media ArtsMFA: Brooklyn; Adv. Cert.: Brooklyn
Performing Arts ManagementMFA: Brooklyn
PlaywritingMFA: Brooklyn, Hunter
TheaterMA: Brooklyn, Hunter; MFA: Brooklyn; PhD: GC
Theater DirectingMFA: Brooklyn

CUNY has over 20 Public Administration programs catering to graduates who are pursuing careers catering to the needs of the community at large. Students can pursue an MPA in Nonprofit Administration, Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Higher Education Administration and much more. The CUNY School of Public Health seeks to create new models of public health education for the 21st century and is committed to teaching, research and service that creates a healthier New York City and promote equitable, efficient and evidence-based solutions to pressing health problems facing cities around the world.

Public Administration & Public Health Offered at:
Arts AdministrationMA: Baruch
Community HealthMA: Brooklyn
Community, Society & HealthDPH: GSPHHP
Environmental & Occupational HealthDPH: GSPHHP
Environmental & Occupational Health ScienceaMS: GSPHHP; MPH: GSPHHP
EpidemiologyDPH: GSPHHP
Epidemiology & BiostatisticsMPH: Hunter/SPH
Health Care Administration/Management/PolicyMPA: Baruch; Adv. Cert.: SPS
Health Policy & ManagementDPH: GSPHHP
Nonprofit Administration MPA: Baruch
Policy Analysis & EvaluationMPA: Baruch
Population Health InformaticsAdv. Cert.: GSPHHP
Public AdministrationMPA: Baruch, John Jay
Public Administration & Public PolicyAdv. Cert.: SPS
Public Administration: Inspection & OversightMPA: John Jay
Public Administration: Inspection & Oversight & LawMPA/JD: John Jay/Law
Public Administration: Policy & AdministrationMPA: John Jay
Public HealthAdv. Cert.: GSPHHP
Public Health Geographic Information ScienceMPH: GSPHHP
Public Health NutritionMPH: GSPHHP
Public Health Policy & ManagementMPH: GSPHHP
Public ManagementMPA: Baruch
Public Service ManagementMPA: City
Social Marketing for HealthAdv. Cert.: GSPHHP
ThanatologyMA: Brooklyn
Urban Development & SustainabilityMPA: Baruch

CUNY offers a number of two-year MA/MS graduate degrees that combine elements of Master’s level study in science, mathematics or engineering with “plus” courses in business, policy and other applied fields. These degrees will prepare you for exciting career opportunities in: Biomedical Laboratory Management (BLM); Data Analytics and Applied Social Research (MADASR); Earth Systems and Environmental Science and Technology (ESEST); Geographic Information Sciences (GISc); and Photonics.

Science & MathematicsOffered at:
Applied Environmental GeoscienceMS: Queens
BiochemistryMA: Hunter; PhD: City/GC, GC, Hunter/GC; MS: City
BiologyMA: Brooklyn, Hunter, Lehman, Queens MS: CSI; PhD: City/GC, GC, Hunter/GC
Biomedical Lab ManagementMS: Hunter
BiotechnologyMS: City, CSI
ChemistryMA: Brooklyn, Queens; MS: Brooklyn, City PhD: City/GC, Hunter/GC
Earth & Atmospheric Science MS: City
Earth & Environmental ScienceMA: Brooklyn, PhD: GC
Earth Science MA: City; PhD: GC
Environmental ScienceMS: CSI; PhD: GC
Forensic ScienceMS: John Jay
GeographyMA: Hunter
Geographic & Information ScienceMS: Lehman; Adv. Cert.: Hunter, Lehman
GeologyMS: City
Geology & Environmental ScienceMA: Queens
MathematicsMA: Hunter, Lehman, Queens; MS: City; PhD: GC
Mathematics & InstructionMa: Lehman
Pharmaceutical Science & BusinessMS: York
PhotonicsMS: Queens
PhysicsMA: Brooklyn, Hunter, Queens; MS: City; PhD: GC/Hunter, GC/City
StatisticsMBA: Baruch; MS: Baruch
Statistics & Applied MathMA: Hunter

For those interested in the study of others and their way of life, CUNY has a diverse range of programs in the social sciences from traditional fields like Anthropology, Linguistics, Political Science and Sociology to unique programs in Disability Studies and Study of the Americas.

Social SciencesOffered at:
AnthropologyMA: Hunter; PhD: GC
Data Analytics & Applied Social ResearchMA: Queens
Disability Services in Higher EducationMS: SPS (Online)
Disability Studies MA: SPS (Hybrid); Adv. Cert.: SPS (Hybrid)
Industrial Labor RelationsMS: Baruch
International AffairsMIA: City, Baruch
International Affairs & Global JusticeMA: Brooklyn
International Nongovernmental OrganizationsMIA: Baruch
Labor RelationsAdv. Cert.: SPS
Labor StudiesMA: SPS; Adv. Cert.: SPS
Law & International AffairsMIA/JD: Law/ City
Liberal StudiesMA: CSI, GC, Lehman, Queens
LinguisticsMA: GC; PhD: GC
Linguistics (Applied)MA: Queens
Middle Eastern StudiesMA: GC
Political ScienceMA: Brooklyn, GC; PhD: GC
Social ResearchMS: Hunter
SociologyMA: Brooklyn; PhD: GC
Study of the AmericasMA: City
Sustainability in the Urban EnvironmentMS: City
Trade Policy & Global Economics GovernanceMIA: Baruch
Urban AffairsMA: Queens
Urban Policy & AdministrationMA: Brooklyn
Urban StudiesMA: SPS
Western Hemisphere AffairsMIA: Baruch
Women’s StudiesMA: GC

CUNY offers the MSW program at the College of Staten Island, Hunter College, and Lehman College. CUNY strives to educate students to work in urban social work fields in their community, region and worldwide. The MSW program ranges from 30-60 credits, whether you decide to attend school full time, part time, or in an accelerated program.

Social WorkOffered at:
Social WelfarePhD: GC
Social Work MSW: CSI, Hunter, Lehman