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CategoryNew York State ResidentsOut-of-State Residents and International Students
Master’s Degrees (MA, MSEd, MAT, MUP, MMUS, MLS)
Full-time$5,065 / semester$780 / credit
Part-time$425 / credit$780 / credit
Master of Architecture & Master of Engineering (City College)
Full-time$5,930 / semester$870 / credit
Part-time$505 / credit$870 / credit
Master of Business Administration (Baruch College)
Full-time$7,450 / semester$1,020 / credit
Part-time$665 / credit$1,020 / credit
Master of Fine Arts (Brooklyn College)
Full-time$9,200 / semester$13,495 / semester
Master of Public Administration (Baruch College, City College and John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
Full-time$5,820 / semester$920 / credit
Part-time$500 / credit$920 / credit
Master of Professional Studies
Full-time$6,865 / semester$985 / credit
Part-time$790 / credit$985 / credit
Master of Social Work (Hunter College and Lehman College)
Full-time$6,685 / semester$910 / credit
Part-time$560 / credit$910 / credit
Level I full-time$4,530-$6,635 / semester$910 / credit
Level I part-time$515-$560 / credit$910 / credit
Level II$2,840-$6,685 / semester$910 / semester
Level III$1,130- $6,685 / semester$910 / semester / credit depending on program
Law School
Full-time$7,050 / semester$11,710 / semester
Part-time$595 / credit$975 / credit

Even with reasonable tuition rates, financing a college education can be difficult, especially if you have other financial obligations. For more information on how you can meet your educational costs, visit CUNY’s Financial Aid for Graduate Studies website.