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General Freshman Admission

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Macaulay Honors College

P.O. Box 359021
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Overnight/Express Shipping

2001 Oriental Blvd., Building T-1, Room 122
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Please note that all materials and documents (including original documents) submitted as part of an application for admission become the property of CUNY/UAPC and cannot be returned.

Thank you for submitting your online Admissions Application! There are only a few more steps to complete your admission review.

Please download and print your Freshman Application Summary Package. To avoid a delay in the review of your application, it is crucial that you record your Application Control Number on each supporting document, attach it to the corresponding form within your Application Summary Package and mail the documents to the appropriate CUNY/UAPC address (at left). Do not send any documents listed below directly to the individual college(s), unless otherwise specified.

Complete Your Admission Review

  1. Submit Online Application
  2. Pay the Application Fee
  3. Print Application Summary Package
  4. Submit Supporting Documents

Additional Steps for Completing Your Admission Review

All freshman applicants must pay a $65.00 non-refundable application fee. The easiest and fastest way to pay the fee is online by credit card using a Visa or MasterCard. To pay the fee online log into the CUNYPortal. Under “Admission” click on “Application Status”, then select “Choose Payment Options.”

You may also pay your fee with a check or money order payable to CUNY/UAPC. Your check or money order for your Application Fee should be attached to your Application Fee Return Receipt and sent to the appropriate CUNY/UAPC address (at left). Please remember to write your name and Application Control Number on your check or money order. Please click here to see a demonstration of how to use an electronic CUNY fee waiver.

*Veteran Applicants do not have to pay an application fee. For more information click here.

We only accept CUNY Fee Waivers. We do not accept any other type of fee waiver including waivers distributed by the College Board or any other organization. Annually, CUNY fee waivers are provided to high school counselors/college advisors to be distributed to current students with the most financial need. To request a CUNY fee waiver, please see your counselor/college advisor at your high school as soon as possible. Once the supply of CUNY fee waivers is exhausted, no additional waivers will be provided to the high school.

CUNY requires applicants to submit their entire high school academic record for review. If you attended more than one high school, please make certain that your official transcript indicates coursework and grades completed at all previously attended high schools. If coursework and grades are not included on your transcript, a copy of your official transcript from each previously attended high school is also required. Transcripts should be attached to the High School Transcript Request Form and sent to the appropriate CUNY/UAPC address (at left).

NYC Department of Education (DOE) High Schools

If you are currently attending a NYC DOE high school, and your school is not included on the Paper Transcripts Page, do not send a paper transcript. You should have entered your nine-digit OSIS number in Section 2 of the Admission Application, which will enable us to retrieve your transcript electronically. If you did not enter your OSIS number, please contact our Help Desk for Students at or call 212-997-CUNY (2869).

If you have already graduated, you must send a paper transcript. Please see All Other High School Transcript(s) section below.

All Other High School Transcript(s)

If you are currently attending or have graduated from a U.S. high school or a United States-administered American, International or Department of Defense school, an official paper transcript is required. The transcript must be sent directly to CUNY/UAPC from the high school in a sealed, school-issued envelope. If you are currently attending or have graduated from a Missionary or other American private school, your school must meet CUNY standards for school accreditation. If your high school does not meet accreditation standards, you will be required to take the High School Equivalency test. See the High School Equivalency section below.

If you are currently attending or have graduated from a high school/secondary school outside the U.S. not listed above, you are required to submit your complete academic record (all years), as well as any national or government certificates earned. We accept photocopies of secondary school transcripts, diplomas, mark sheets and/or secondary external examination certificates (CXC, GCE, WASC, EASC, etc.) Please review the list of Required Secondary School Credentials.

Educational records in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official word-for-word translation on business letterhead. See English Translation Guidelines under “Additional Information for Students Educated Outside the U.S.”

Online and Correspondence Schools

Applicants with high school credentials/diplomas from any non-public online, virtual or correspondence school must successfully complete the High School Equivalency examination (such as TASC)  to be considered for admission to CUNY.

CDOS Commencement Credential and IEP Diploma

Applicants with CDOS (Career Development and Occupational Studies) Commencement Credential or an IEP Diploma must earn a High School Equivalency Diploma.


Generally, your home-schooling curriculum should adhere to your school district’s preliminary education requirement for earning a high school diploma. This will allow us to review your entire record as a home-schooled student within the context of the academic requirements as outlined above.

If you are a New York State resident who received home schooling, a transcript outlining all completed coursework with grades earned is required. You must also submit a letter from the superintendent of your school district or comparable chief school administrator certifying that you have completed the equivalent of a New York State four-year high school program through home schooling.

If you are a senior who is currently completing a home-school program, you must submit a letter from the superintendent of your school district certifying that you are currently completing a program that is equivalent to a NYS four-year high school program.  Upon completion, please submit a letter verifying that you have successfully completed the program.

If you cannot obtain the letter from the high school district, you must obtain a High School Equivalency diploma. See the High School Equivalency section below.

If you are an out-of-state resident who received home-schooling, a state-issued diploma is required. If you have not obtained a state-issued diploma, you must obtain your High School Equivalency diploma. For more information on how to obtain a High School Equivalency score click here.

High School Equivalency Diploma

Applicants receiving a High School Equivalency diploma from New York State (also known as TASC), are required to submit a copy of their High School Equivalency diploma and scores. Visit this site to learn more.

Applicants receiving a High School Equivalency diploma outside of New York State should contact the appropriate State Education Department.

View a conversion of the scores to a College Admission Average (CAA) here: High School Equivalency Admission Information

If you are an International Student please visit the website to learn more.

High School Equivalency documents should be attached to the Document Return Receipt and sent to the appropriate CUNY/UAPC address (at left).

We highly recommended that veterans submit their military transcripts. Follow the links below to submit the appropriate military transcript:

Joint Services Transcript of JST (Army/Navy/Marine/Coast Guard)

Air Force Transcripts

Test score reports should be attached to the Document Return Receipt and sent to the appropriate CUNY/UAPC address (at left).

SAT/ACT Scores

Applicants applying to a four-year college are required to submit SAT/ACT scores. To request that your SAT/ACT scores are sent to CUNY/UAPC, use the CUNY institutional code 2950 at the time of testing. You do not need to use both the CUNY institutional code and an individual CUNY college code. We will also accept SAT/ACT scores sent by your high school counselor/college advisor. If you have been out of high school for over two years, SAT/ACT scores are recommended, but required for Hunter College.

AP Scores

Students who score a four or higher on The College Board Advanced Placement Exams may be eligible to receive college credits at CUNY. Each CUNY college makes its own determination of course and credit equivalencies for the exams. Visit the Academic Credit page for more information.

TOEFL/IELTS Scores (if applicable)

If you are on a temporary visa and educated in a non-English speaking environment, you must demonstrate proficiency in the English language by submitting test scores from TOEFL or IELTS (Academic Level) or PTE (Academic Level). Please request to have your official test scores sent to our processing center, CUNY/UAPC and/or list our University code 2950 when registering for the exams. Visit the TOEFLIELTS or PTE website for more information.

To allow for a comprehensive review, CUNY strongly encourages all applicants to submit a personal statement in support of their Admission Application. Macaulay Honors College applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation and two essay responses via the Admission Application. All Documents should be attached to the Document Return Receipt and sent to the appropriate CUNY/UAPC address (at left).

Selective freshman programs may require a supplemental paper application, letters of recommendation and/or a personal statement. These documents should be sent directly to the appropriate college/program to which you are applying. Visit the appropriate college/program website for more information.

Please note that some colleges and programs strongly recommend or require the submission of a specific supplemental essay and/or statement. To review this list visit the Admission Application Essays webpage.

Additional Information for Students Educated Outside of the U.S.

Applicants educated outside the United States may opt to have their transcripts evaluated by the University Application Processing Center of CUNY or to have them evaluated by one of the evaluation services listed below:

If using one of the above services, you must request: an official course-by-course evaluation report which includes a GPA based on all secondary school course work and any external examination certificates earned. Be sure to request that the evaluation service includes certified copies of all documentation used for the evaluation.

We will only accept evaluations that are sent directly from the evaluation service to UAPC.

UAPC will make the final decision regarding evaluations and admission recommendations.

If you opt to have your records evaluated by UAPC, we require:

  • Copies of complete secondary school record
  • Secondary school graduation diploma
  • Any external examination certificates earned

If the documents were not issued in English, we require a word-for word- translation as well.

All translations must meet the following conditions:

  • Complete and literal (word-for-word) with no attempts to interpret or evaluate the credential
  • Prepared in same format as the original document
  • Typed on business or school letterhead stationery
  • Signed by a translator attesting to familiarity with the foreign language

Official translations may be obtained from the following:

  • Consulate or embassy of the country that is issuing the document
  • Translation agency
  • Immigrant or refugee association in the U.S. representing the country issuing the document
  • The institution where the student studied
  • Faculty member of U.S. high school, college, or university (must signify his/her academic department and rank)

CUNY does not accept translations from the following:

  • The student or members of his/her family
  • Individuals not affiliated with any of the organizations listed above