City College of New York

College is an exciting journey – it is a time that molds students into the people they will become, an experience that refines talent and an environment that fosters growth. With our 24 campuses, CUNY offers a range of choices that will accommodate all students. So take the first step, come explore CUNY and see which of our colleges is the right match for you..

Queens College Students at Library

Academic Programs

CUNY offers more than 1,750 top-notch academic programs for degree-seeking students. Search through academic programs/majors offered across the University..


Honors Programs

All CUNY four-year and community colleges offer honors programs that provide a challenging and intellectually stimulating academic environment for high-achieving students. Discover the right program for you.


Support Programs

CUNY offers several Opportunity Programs for motivated students including SEEK/CD and ASAP. Read through the information on this page to determine which program is best for you.

Brooklyn College

The Colleges

The most important part of the college search is finding the CUNY college that fits. Learn more about our campuses located throughout New York City.


Student Life

Of course it is essential to grow academically, but it is just as important to mature emotionally, physically and socially. Housed in and around the greatest city in the world, CUNY offers an incredibly wide variety of ways to enrich your life outside the classroom.


Cost, Aid & Scholarships

A main mission of CUNY is to make a great education accessible and affordable. Learn more about Tuition, Financial Aid and Scholarship opportunities.


Veterans & Future Veterans

At CUNY we welcome all incoming veterans, both current and future. We have one of the largest veteran student populations in the U.S. with over 3,000 enrolled students across all of our college campuses.

Student in the Queens College quad

Campus Tours

The best way to get a feel of our campuses is to walk the grounds, see the facilities and find out which campus is the right fit for you. All of our campuses are part of the energetic and vibrant life of New York City, yet each college has a unique feel and something different to offer you.