Welcome! Now that you have explored the many options for adult learners at CUNY, your next step is to prepare to apply for admission. To begin, you will need to determine if you will apply as either a freshman or transfer applicant, then review and complete the appropriate Admission Application Worksheet.

Apply as a Freshman Applicant:

If you have already completed high school/secondary school and have not previously attended a college, university or any postsecondary institution within or outside the United States. Review our instructions for Freshman Applicants.

Apply as a transfer applicant:

If you are currently attending or have attended a college, university or any postsecondary institution since completing high school/secondary school. This applies whether or not you are seeking transfer credit and/or changing a program of study. Review our instructions for Transfer Applicants.

Non-Credit options:

If you would like to apply for non-credit courses and certificate programs for career advancement, professional development, skill development and personal growth visit the Continuing and Professional Education page for more information.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AND NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY – The University is committed to a policy of equal employment and equal access in its educational programs and activities. For more information please download the Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY – You do not have the option to omit any portion of your academic history. For more information and to view the University policy regarding the submission of fraudulent documents please download the CUNY Policy on Application Documents. For information on academic integrity at CUNY, please review the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity.