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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Your Cause, Your Gift, Your Impact! That’s what The CUNY Campaign is all about. It’s about inspiring the good will in all of us. It’s about tapping into that feeling we have when we have helped someone else. It’s about taking action in order to make a positive impact in our community, our country and our world. We all have a cause we care about, and through The CUNY Campaign, we have the opportunity to make one generous act that will have a ripple effect that will change lives.

The University’s Strategic Framework is entitled “Connected CUNY,” and connections are exactly what The CUNY Campaign provides—connections to causes, to people and to communities. What cause do you care most about? Perhaps it’s supporting the work of college foundations that provide vital resources to our students. Maybe your passion is making sure all children are fed, or perhaps protecting our environment is your priority. I encourage you to support the causes and connections that are most important to you through The CUNY Campaign. The money that you and your colleagues donate will come back to benefit you, your loved ones and our community in so many ways.

I am honored to serve once again as Chair for the 2017 CUNY Campaign, and I invite you to join me in connecting to causes by making a gift, sharing your story, and encouraging others to participate. It’s through the impact of our connected efforts that The CUNY Campaign has been a vital source of support for so many charities for more than thirty years.

And it’s so easy to give! You can make your donation through a payroll deduction, by writing a check or using a credit card. I invite you to visit our website at and learn how you can make a difference by participating in CUNY’s honored tradition of giving. On behalf of the City University and all those that The CUNY Campaign helps, I greatly appreciate your support. Thank you.

Gloriana B. Waters
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Management

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