CUNY Interim Chancellor for Student Affairs Chris RosaStatement on the Freedom of Student Expression

At The City University of New York, we cherish the freedom of students to express their views, consistent with the protections provided by the First Amendment. Student freedom in this regard is an essential attribute of a great University where the independent search for truth is held in the highest esteem. With such freedom, however, comes an abiding responsibility. This responsibility includes respect for the rights of other‎s inside and out of CUNY and for the University’s obligation to maintain a safe environment for all members of its community.

Students should also be cognizant of the efforts of a few to distract attention from important issues in higher education like learning, access and quality by invoking discriminatory language reeking of thinly veiled bigotry, prejudice, anti-semitism or other behavior inconsistent with our educational mission. Read More

We can help assure such recognition by the high premium we place on dialogue and discussion at CUNY and by the expression of our own views while respecting the rights of those we may disagree with. At the end of the day, CUNY will retain its status as a great institution of higher education where valuable knowledge is both transmitted and created and our sense of community is affirmed and strengthened.

— Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

CUNY is committed to maintaining a safe environment at all times and is a strong supporter of New York State’s policies and laws against sexual assault on college campuses. Read more

News & Events

2nd Annual CUNY Neurodiversity Conference

Presented by CUNY Disability Programs
Day 1 · March 11, 2019 – Intellectual Disability
Day 2 · March 12, 2019 – Autism Spectrum
CUNY Neurodiversity Conference flyer
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CUNYWIDE Health Insurance Enrollment Week

Students, do you have health insurance? If not, please go to your health services office on your campus during the week of October 15th to enroll in a health plan.
If you miss that week, not to worry, you can still enroll during Open enrollment at the New York State of Health marketplace from November 1, 2018-January 31, 2019

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The Jacqueline Schiller Fund scholarship was established in The New York Community Trust to provide scholarships to CUNY students in the fields of literature and/or history who are among the best and brightest and who demonstrate financial need. Read more >>

Scholarship for NYCHA Residents attending CUNY. If you are a NYCHA resident attending a CUNY Community or Senior College, you may be eligible to receive a $1,000 NYCHA – CUNY Resident Scholarship or the Regina A. Figueroa Memorial Scholarship for NYCHA residents with disabilities. Read more >>

The Jonas E. Salk Scholarship was created by the Board of Estimate of the City of New York in 1955 to honor Dr. Jonas E. Salk, world-renowned scientist, developer of the first vaccine to prevent polio, and a graduate of The City College of New York.

The Jonas Salk Scholarships are awarded annually to eight graduates of CUNY senior colleges who have been accepted by, and plan to attend, U.S. medical or graduate schools. Read more >>

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Kinch Law Firm Internship
Kinch Law Group is looking for CUNY students to become a business/legal intern, marketing intern, and a communications/articles writer intern. The Marketing and the Communications internships are the priorities as they are the most needed. Read More

This is a part time unpaid internship opportunity but they are willing to offer a stipend or give students academic credit! If you would like more information please see here.

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