Fall 2017
1st Deadline: Friday, Sept. 29.
2nd Deadline: Tuesday, Oct. 31.
3rd Deadline: Wednesday, Nov. 29.
4th Deadline: Friday, Dec. 29.

Spring 2018
5th Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 25.
6th Deadline: Sunday, Mar. 25.
7th Deadline: Wednesday, Apr. 25.
8th Deadline: Friday, May. 25.

Official Rules

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December ’17 – WINNER #3

Elisa Quintana Dec 2017 1st Place CUNY Photo Challenge
Elisa Quintana Dec 2017 1st Place CUNY Photo Challenge

“Light Show” captures the spirit of the holidays, as well as the feeling and movement of the wintertime carousel at Bryant Park, across from Guttman Community College in Manhattan. Elisa Quintana shot the photo while walking home. She liked “the way the night looked, combined with the lights of the carousel. A carousel is almost never still, so photographing it while moving seemed appropriate.”

Elisa Quintana is a sophomore at John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a double major in criminal justice and forensic psychology. She aspires to become a detective with the NYPD or LAPD. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and reading poetry.

November ’17 – WINNER #2

November 2017 Photo Challenge Winning photo by Cesar Velazquez, John Jay College
November winner Cesar Velazquez
November 2017 Student Photo Challenge First Place winner, John Jay student Cesar Velazquez

“Extravagantly Vivid” elegantly captures the conical dome atop the Fulton Center subway atrium, a venue that draws some 300,000 daily transit passengers to nine subway lines. According to Grimshaw Architects, “The central architectural concept of redirecting natural light deep into the transit environment culminates in the design of the dome’s interior and a new integrated artwork titled Sky Reflector-Net … Both a neighbourhood asset and regional interchange, the Fulton Center fulfills a significant civic role as a gateway to and from Lower Manhattan. Commuters and visitors alike arrive and depart through a memorable, contemporary urban transit center that celebrates the city’s history while looking forward to its optimistic future.”

Cesar Velazquez, a freshman at John Jay College, says, “I was on my way home when I decided to roam around this building made of glass. When I entered, it turned out to be a subway station. I was amazed by the architecture. What I did not realize was that the roof was circular, with diamond-shaped patterns all over it. I decided to take a photo of it right then and there.” Cesar routinely carries the Canon DSLR that he bought during his senior year at Aviation High School. He intends to pursue a career in law enforcement. 

October ’17 – Winner not selected

September ’17 – WINNER #1

September 2017 Student Photo Challenge winner by Kenneth Kwan Lam of Baruch College Library ceiling
September winner Kenneth Kwan Lam looks up at Baruch’s library atrium.
Baruch College student Kwan Lam, First Place winner of the September 2017 Student Photo Challenge.

“Bottom of the Well,” a compelling study in geometry and perspective, at first may be disorienting. What am I looking at? Is it ahead, down or up? Up, most assuredly, as anyone craning a neck in the atrium of Baruch College’s William and Anita Newman Library can testify. The shot is perfectly, squarely framed. Photographer Kwan Lam made the photo while waiting in line for a printer. “Everyone always runs back and forth between the library and the vertical building [across the street]. It was the only moment I had time to stop and look around the library where I study night by night. The atmosphere was so stressful. People do not even talk to each other, but the footsteps created a fast rhythm symphony. I wanted to escape all of these anxieties, thus, I subconsciously looked up to the roof.”

Kwan (Kenneth) Lam began studying at Borough of Manhattan Community College and transferred to Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business, from which he expects to graduate as an accounting major in 2019. In between he took a gap year for family reasons, but that time also included a trip to Tibet “where I stayed on the Everest base camp overnight for Milky Way photography.” He currently interns in a small accounting firm, although he recently has been recruited by a bank, which could reorient him toward finance. Nonetheless, he has a great eye for photography, having won second place, third place or honorable mention in five CUNY Photo Challenge monthly competitions in 2015-2016. (The Challenge was on sabbatical in 2016-2017; the CUNY judges who select the monthly winners do so blindly, without knowing the photographer’s name.) “I love photography. It changed the way I think, changed the way I see the world, as well as allowing me to build my own world into a wonderland. Perhaps, the ultimate goal of my life is to capture all of the beautiful landscapes all over the world.”