Lehman College campus

At every campus there are programs designed to facilitate the introduction of freshmen students into the college community, as well as programs that provide academic and supportive services to students.

Student Services

Career Services

CUNY’s Career Services provide students with the necessary skills to make informed decisions about their careers, education and employment.

Child Care

Professional staff provides flexible on-campus care and education to accommodate the needs of parents 24 hours a day.

Disability Resources & Services

CUNY is deeply committed to ensuring equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities through innovative support programs.

International Student & Scholar Services

Supporting the international student population by providing centralized immigration information.

Mental Health and Wellness

We assist students in addressing psychological, adjustment or issues including stress / time management.

Veterans Affairs

The CUNY Office of Veterans Affairs is developing a channel of communication among veteran and reservist students, and with faculty.

Women’s Centers

Women’s Centers strive to create programs that support women students while they are balancing the demands and rigors of their academic, family, work and social life.